Press release
Friday, April 19, 2013

IMOCA boat chooses his future, OSM announced the schedule of races

The skippers of the IMOCA and members gathered in Paris Thursday 18 and Friday, April 19 annual general meeting to define the future direction of their class around two major issues: the size of the boat and the future program years .

The technical committee of the class worked for two years on different architectural assumptions of future boat must meet several requirements: reduce costs, improve the reliability of boats while allowing existing boats remain competitive. The choice was adopted by an absolute majority is a solution incorporating a mast and keel standardized. Other elements of the ship must comply with the rules that govern the stability, power, width and construction materials. The length is kept at 60 feet with a bowsprit to 1.8 meters. Standardized keel meet the specifications that has been previously validated, and in particular imposes a veil of a single piece of forged steel (Inox).

The application of this new rule is immediate for all new boats. Current boats can continue browsing respecting the rule applied in 2012 or may decide to switch to the new class.

International Programme
Team OSM (Open Sports Management) structure to develop and commercialize the class presented the international race program 2013/2014 and future directions that will take the boat to the United States and Asia . Finally, the IMOCA world championship format change. It will be organized around two sets of race. Solo with a series culminating in the Vendée Globe and doubles with a series culminating in the Barcelona World Race.

New office
Alex Thomson and Bernard Stamm , whose terms ended, were re-elected to the office of the IMOCA. Dominique Wavre found a director that he left two years ago Marc Guillemot and complete the new Board of Directors IMOCA. Jean Le Cam, Armel Le Cléac'h , Vincent Riou retain their directorship and Luke Talbourdet the President of the class.

They said:
Luc Talbourdet , President of the IMOCA
"The goals have been achieved. We have increased the reliability of the boats. We now have clear rules for the future and start the construction of new vessels. "

Sir Keith Mills, President of OSM
"I am very pleased with the quality of the discussions that took place during these two days. We now have the means to develop this class and finally giving him the visibility and resources it deserves. "

2013 program:
August: Fastnet Race
November: Transat Jacques Vabre , between Havre and Itajai (Brazil)

Programme 2014:
Spring: a double-handed transatlantic
Summer: a race of 1,000,000
November: Route du Rhum
December 31: Barcelona World Race