though the characters in the very popular tv-series cannot pronounce the town's name correctly still no matter HOW many times I email them (they say roDA when it's roTA - as spelled), this is La Feria, a vibrant time in Andalucia when most cities and towns celebrate spring, and summer as it continues throughout the southernmost region of Spain. Ferias were originally started decades ago as a place to meet and show and sell livestock. later as families started to attend also, it became a festive time to meet with friends and family, eat, dance and be merry. unfortunately it's not a time late at night I enjoy seeing as the young teens these days try (and succeed) to drink their festivities away till they can't walk, but it's still a great fair/feria during the day and nicer in the evening. these ferias last all day. though in the mornings it's quiet as cleanup, maintenance and restocking takes priority, but come ther spanish hour of lunch (starts at about 2-3pm till 4-5pm), many come out to be seen and to get together with friends and family. it's common to see young teens (11yrs) out with their same-age friends out in the feria till 3-4am, something unheard of in other countries!! after midnight it gets more crowded and at about 4am it'll finally reach its peak in numbers. the attraction rides are always a hit with kids of all ages, but for horse lovers the feria is also the place from about noon till 6-ish pm to see dressed horses and fabulous carriages!

Sevilla's Feria fotos

next week is Jerez's Feria - the Sherry capital of the World, since the Moors started making wine there centuries ago. i might have a few fotos from that feria too!