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Thread: O'pen Bic Road Show Upstages America's Cup

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    O'pen Bic Road Show Upstages America's Cup

    Nevin Sayre brought the O'Pen BIC Road Show the the AC Open over the past weekend.The O'Pen BIC is an open transom, modern sportboat trainer that has a fast planing hull which is easy to sail and easy to upright. "The O'Pen BIC High Wind Slalom" being launched off the Marina Green on the new boat ramp, featured a variety of downwind slalom courses with 20 boats being sailed by kids 10 to 15 years of age. (In more than 18 knots of breeze!!) The kids looked absolutely fearless sailing in the shadow of the AC 72's, and if I'm not mistaken, actually looked forward to capsizes and showing the folks on the water just how fast they could upright the boats and get moving again.

    The promo piece reads as follows: O'Pen BIC sailors from New Zealand, Bermuda, Hawaii and representing different regions of the continental U.S. will be battling it out over a series of challenging slalom courses. The largest crowd ever to witness a junior sailing event is expected. Like the America's Cup itself, the O'Pen BICs will showcase a new era for Junior Sailing with short, high-speed courses, lots of action.

    The hull of the O’pen BIC was designed with fun sailing as the priority. It is a modern boat where the hull is as open as possible, thereby leaving the helmsman completely free to move around and trim the boat to any wind and water conditions. When hiking, the large sides allow the sailor to set-up comfortably with his/her feet in the straps without placing any unnecessary stress on the body. The totally open and sloping cockpit means that there is absolutely no water in the boat either during sailing or just after a capsize. A relatively hard chine design was chosen for the bottom shape of the hull. Used by numerous modern boat architects, this design offers an excellent compromise between performance and stability. When reaching or broad-reaching, the boat accelerates quickly to planing speed. When close-reaching, the boat sets on its chine and has excellent performance up wind.

    A modern and planing hull

    The fast, planing hull of the O’pen BIC gives a dynamic sailing experience of a true dinghy that heels. Being at the helm of this powerful machine gives you the same excitement normally experienced on a boat for adults. With its 60-foot Open design, including a totally open self draining stern, even capsizing is fun! Young sailors are fully independent on the water and will be proud to sail such a modern-looking and elegant boat, one that both sails and looks like the boat of today’s champions.

    Futuristic equipment

    On the hull, the shaped daggerboard and rudderblade, and all deck equipment and fittings are worthy of the most modern dinghies: Ronstan Cunningham pulleys and Ronstan mainsheet ratchet block, Robline ropes.... The rig includes a fully-battened North 4,5m2 mono-film sail with mast pocket, similar to that of a windsurf board. Rigged on an epoxy mast, the sail has been designed with an open leech to give sailors maximum control and performance in windy conditions.

    BIC O'pen INFO

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    I have seen one of those on display at the local West Marine, but never on the water.

    They look like a fun little boat for midgets and those without drivers licenses, curious why they
    have not caught on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Capitan View Post
    I have seen one of those on display at the local West Marine, but never on the water.

    They look like a fun little boat for midgets and those without drivers licenses, curious why they
    have not caught on?

    Well I would sink if I tried.

    The copy says "like America's Cup.." . Actually, it is unlike Americas Cup; there are way more participants, a boat that can be sailed in >19.4 kts, and much more time spent on the water as compared to in the courtroom.

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