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Thread: Cup Dirt

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    If Ellison has any brain cells left at all, he'll cut Coutts loose. The guy is a self possessed cancer on everything he touches.

    PB, why can't we get an interview with the Commodore of the GGYC and ask him about the b.s. of hosting the regatta in San Diego? Aren't they even embarrassed by this?

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    Not even sure who the current Commodore is... What is it exactly the "we" are asking?...

    What their honest thoughts are on the club not hosting in SF? I doubt "we" would get anything more pasteurized / homogenized
    PC answer...
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    I'm pretty sure any and all members of the team and YC signed some sort of "I wont say anything negative about the event or team or leaders" document when they teamed up with OTUSA.

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    The deadline of August 8 (registration deadline) is fast approaching and still no challenger appears officially registered. With the withdrawal of Team Australia, the challenger of record, it is found even in a difficult situation where there are more team to negotiate with the U.S. defender Oracle Team USA!

    While there is no doubt that Luna Rossa, Artemis, Team New Zealand and probably BAR Racing register before August 8, Team France should also be able to join the first quartet and why not toast the favor by becoming the new challenger of record if registered before them!

    Just a reminder to register, prospective challengers must pay more than $ 3 million by the end of the year distributed as follows: 1,075,000 dollars on August 8, then 2 million on December 1 (including 1 million deposit returned at the end of the 35th America's Cup).

    According to a source close to the case (as we say!), Team France, Cammas / trio Desjoyeaux / Kersauson is about to sign an "agreement" (with or without?) With the largest hotel group French and the first European manufacturer. Two major partners in the international dimensions ...

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    The last time around LE provided a significant level of funding to launch the concept - ACWS and all transportation costs, liveline graphics, on board cameras, TV, extensive race data, a few years of the discover program, etc.

    Guessing he's like to see it stand on it's own two feet, at least with the venue this time around, and SF clearly has other ideas, but they also use double standards with city services for other events. It's a 1% issue in their mind.

    Why not Alameda ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie Tuna View Post
    I'm pretty sure any and all members of the team and YC signed some sort of "I wont say anything negative about the event or team or leaders" document when they teamed up with OTUSA.
    How does that work? OTUSA is defending for the GGYC, not the other way around. I'm longing for the days of a defender selection series. IMHO, Coutts and Ellison have become every bit as bad as Bertarelli; and the GGYC a ridiculously limp wristed steward of the competition.

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    I look at this a bit differently. If someone decides that they want to make a bunch of money off of the public, then they ought to be willing to risk the capital to make that happen. Asking for the public to fund a professional sports venture, whether it be the 49ers or Warriors or Raiders stadiums where the profits are realized by a privately owned franchise galls me. I don't consider the Cup, operating under this commercialized vision, to be any different.

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    Dave T probably has it right, with an international committee in charge of the cup, it's protocols and venue keeping things on the up and up.

    Was not this A-Cup competition originally a nation vs nation thing?

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    It was, and you forgot "friendly".

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