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Thread: Cup Dirt

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    4 Down, 4 To Go For Kiwis!

    The Foiling Peloton won race 3 and 4 on the Great Sound by ginormous margins today, upping their
    record against Oracle to 4-0... 4 more wins and ETNZ can redeem themselves for 2013!

    Full official report to follow...

    Battle resumed on Father’s Day in the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, with Jimmy Spithill’s ORACLE TEAM USA looking to seize back the advantage gained by Peter Burling’s Emirates Team New Zealand on day one. However, it was day two to the Kiwis again, with Emirates Team New Zealand recording two more back-to-back victories over the Defenders of the America’s Cup, putting themselves 3-0 up in the first-to-seven series that will determine the winner of the 35th America’s Cup.

    After racing had finished on day two, Jimmy Spithill looked ahead to the five day break before racing restarts on 24th June and what ORACLE TEAM USA can do to put themselves back in the fight. “These are going to be the most important five days of this America’s Cup campaign for us," said the two-time winner of the America's Cup.

    “I thought we took a good step forward from yesterday, but it is clear we have to find some speed from somewhere, that is no secret.

    “If we were forced to race day after day we’d be in some serious trouble at the moment. This break coming up is a massive opportunity for us as a team to go away and regroup.

    “Everything will be put out on the table, nothing will be off limits, and over the next five days our incredible shore team will be looking at every aspect of our boat.

    “Nothing will escape our eyes, I can guarantee that. Whether it’s system related, appendage related, sailing technique or strategy, we are going to look at absolutely everything.

    “The motivation is always there, the team is hungry and we’re a very competitive group, but we are also a candid group and it is quite clear we need to make some changes.

    “We feel that with the resources we have here we can make the changes to improve the boat and give us more speed. It looks like we have some good sailing days coming up over these next five days so we’ll be into 24 hour shifts.

    “We’ve been in a situation like this before and we’ve had less time. We’ve got five important days and we’ll be using every single hour of them.

    “We have to respond.”

    In reply, despite knowing that repeating the opening weekend’s performance when racing resumes on 24th June would confirm Emirates Team New Zealand as the 35th America’s Cup champions, Burling again warned his team against complacency.

    “We are walking away with two victories again but, much the same as yesterday, we made too many mistakes,” said the Kiwi helmsman.

    “We now have five days to keep pushing on and progressing because everyone in this team is hungry to keep on improving and learning.

    “We know full well if we stand still, Jimmy (Spithill) and ORACLE TEAM USA will catch us so we have plenty of work on in the next five days.

    “We’re happy to take those four wins because it is no secret that we are here to win the America’s Cup. We knew to do that we had to win eight races and so we have to keep on battling to ensure that is what we do.”

    America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, Race Three

    Race three saw Peter Burling and Emirates Team New Zealand pick up where they left off on day one, sealing a third consecutive victory over Jimmy Spithill’s ORACLE TEAM USA to extend their advantage in the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton to two points at the halfway stage of day two.

    At the start of the race, both teams were extremely close as they crossed the startline, and ORACLE TEAM USA had a small advantage as they approached the first mark. However, in similar scenes to day one’s two races, a small mistake was to prove pivotal as a poor jibe by ORACLE TEAM USA saw the American boat make a small splashdown into the water, resulting in a loss of momentum that they were then unable to claw back.

    That mistake handed the initiative to Burling and he seized the opportunity, sailing clear of his rival to hold an 11 second lead at gate two.

    Trailing the Kiwi boat, Spithill went for the split at the gate as he chased hard in pursuit of Burling, winner of the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup in 2013. However, Emirates Team New Zealand continued to showcase their impressive speed and steadily increased their advantage through the next two gates, holding a 49 second lead by leg 5/7.

    Spithill’s ORACLE TEAM USA continued their pursuit, in the hope of a mistake from their Kiwi rivals in the closing stages. However, it was not to materialise. Burling kept his composure, rounding the fifth gate with his 49 second advantage intact, and from that point there was no looking back Emirates Team New Zealand crossed the finish line nearly a minute ahead of the US team and Burling claimed his third victory on the trot in the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton.

    America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, Race Four

    Race two started in almost identical fashion to the first race, with both teams racing extremely closely to one another as they crossed the start line, quickly accelerating to around 40 knots as they headed towards the first mark.

    Both teams essentially had faultless races, but the superior boat speed of Emirates Team New Zealand proved the deciding factor, the Kiwis pulling away throughout the race to build a lead of 500 metres heading towards the fifth gate.

    Emirates Team New Zealand rounded Gate 5 with their advantage standing at a minute, with Jimmy Spithill only able to watch on in the hope of a mistake from his rival Peter Burling, but it was not to be.

    At the end of race four it was Emirates Team New Zealand who were celebrating again, finishing the day with two more points on the leaderboard and clear air between them and ORACLE TEAM USA.

    America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, Race Results

    Race Three: Emirates Team New Zealand beat ORACLE TEAM USA by 49 seconds

    Race Four: Emirates Team New Zealand beat ORACLE TEAM USA by 1 minute and 12 seconds

    America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, Scores (18th June 2017)

    Emirates Team New Zealand: 3 points*

    ORACLE TEAM USA: 0 points

    * Emirates Team New Zealand started the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton -1 due to ORACLE TEAM USA’s win in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers
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    Wonder if Oracle is installing bikes on their boat this week!?

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    The key to ETNZ's success lays in the division of power...

    The Match – Day 2
    Sunday 18 June
    Matthew Sheahan

    Oracle Team USA took a second pasting today, it wasn’t even close.
    Unable to make to the bottom gate in front, speed was their issue.

    In the first race of the day, Spithill got to the first mark in the lead, just. Seconds later he got to the boundary and managed to force the Kiwis to gybe first.
    But as an illustration of just how fine a line separates the winner from the loser, the Kiwis were able to soak down onto Oracle, gassing Spithill as they did so and slowing him down.
    By the bottom gate, just a few minutes into the match it was all over.

    The Kiwis simply extended their lead throughout the race to finish way ahead.

    The second race was little different.

    The Kiwis managed to get the windward end of the line at the start, drove over the top of Oracle before spilling dirty air over them before they had even reached the first mark.
    Sure, it was closer at the bottom gate than in the first race, Spithill trailing by 9 seconds, but the final outcome was the same. Burling simply stormed off into the distance beating Spithill by 1min 12sec by the finish.
    I’d love to include more description of the nip and tuck along with the possible comebacks, but they just didn’t happen.
    Not even Spithill could dress this one up as anything other than a punishing day.

    "I think it's pretty obvious these guys are faster and we need to make some changes," he said after racing.
    Indeed, so conclusive was their thrashing that the media seemed to be in as much shock and the Defender, concentrating on grilling Spithill rather than asking Burling how the team had made their boat so quick.

    "I think these next five days are the most important five days of the campaign,” he said at the press conference. "We will look at every single thing we can. We have five days to respond and everything is on the table... Whether it's system related, appendages, sailing technique, strategy, we'll look at everything."
    So why are the Kiwis so fast and is there anything Oracle can do to come back?

    No doubt next weekend I’ll be eating my words, but for now I’d say that it’s going to be very difficult indeed for the Defenders to find sufficient pace to out run the Kiwis.
    There’s been plenty of attention on the Kiwi bicycles providing heaps of power, but I don’t think that’s where the advantage lies.

    The issue is more with Team New Zealand’s control system – this is at the heart of their campaign.
    Over the last couple of weeks we have discovered two things that stand out.

    First, that their flight control system is seriously impressive.

    Unlike the other teams, theirs tells their crew members what settings they should be on at any given point. Like an autopilot that tells you what you should do, but stops short of doing it for you,
    their control systems give guidance to those in trimming roles such as Blair Tuke on the foils and Glenn Ashby on the wing.

    Out here we’re calling it chasing the dots. I have no idea whether this is really the case but the analogy is that the computer shows you where you should be, you just match it.

    **The second impressive feature is that this is only possible because the Kiwi crew have their hands free thanks to their bikes.

    The focus so far has been on the power output, but the reality seems to be that while they may be able to squeeze a few more watts out of the pedal based system, being able to control other items by hand is the key.

    So when you’ve got a sophisticated control system and reliable human inputs you get stable flight. And when you’ve got stable flight you can perform tricky manoeuvres such as a last minute tack or gybe in a heartbeat.

    But you can also push the design envelope.

    For example, the Kiwis’ cranked foils need to be flown more accurately because they have less vertical shaft. Ride too high and they run out of side force early as the boat rises up. But if you can control the ride height precisely you can create far more efficient foils. And it is clear that the Kiwis have these.

    A similar design loop exists with the wing.
    Most of the teams have been controlling the power in the rig with the wing sheet in the same way that you and I would play the mainsheet.

    But the Kiwis have effectively cleated the mainsheet and are controlling the power by altering the twist. The equivalent of trimming the kicker.
    Doing this keeps the power low down even when they are spilling out the top of the sail to de-power the rig.

    Again, this is probably only possible because of the accurate flight control system and a sophisticated algorithm that tells wing trimmer Glenn Ashby how to trim the wing at any given moment.
    With the crew chasing dots to sail as efficiently as possible, perhaps it’s hardly surprising that we are not hearing much chatter on board Emirates Team New Zealand.

    On Oracle the dialogue is much the same as you’d expect to hear on any other grand prix racer. But on the high speed cats, decisions have to be taken instantly, there is no time to discuss.
    The control system may well make this possible but you’d also have to imagine that Burling and Tuke work like this on their 49er. Feeling rather than talking comes naturally to them.

    Oracle has five days to turn this around, bags of time you might think given the day that they had in San Francisco.
    But I think this is a different deal.

    To get up to the Kiwi’s game means matching stable flight and that means building a complex system of hardware and software along with finding new ways to control the boat.
    To do that would be a massive ask.

    And for those that say, ‘they’ve done it before’, the AC72s were large lumbering beasts by comparison that were nowhere near as complex and twitchy as the current Cup boats.
    Bentley’s versus rally cars, there is little to compare the two.

    Having said all of this, we were all staggered at Oracle’s comeback in 2013, to achieve the same this time around would be incredible.
    I’m preparing to eat my words.

    ** In addition, Peter Burling does not control the foils, that is share with a 3rd crewmember who has free hands :

    Follow the Cup - UK viewers

    BBC - Highlights
    Schedule, results, standings & TV highlights times

    BTSport Live shows – Times UK BST

    23 June 20.00-21.00 BTS 1 Preview show
    24 June 17.30-20.00 BTS 1
    25 June 17.45-19.45 BTS 1
    26 June 17.45-20.00 BTS 1
    27 June 17.30-20.30 BTS 1
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    Dang, and I thought they were checking their social media pages with their heads down all the time!

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    Any link, pointer to Slingsby commentary at the end of race 4?

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    I don't thinks Oracle Team AUS has enough time to reconfigure.

    Coutts may have to pull some rule changes to pull this one off.

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    Uncle Larry might be getting bored with this never ending party hosting.

    Might have his guys mail it in for the rest of the event.

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    Day 3 Bermuda: A Split Decision

    Race day 3 in Bermuda saw ETNZ take the 1st race by a huge margin of over 2 minutes to inch
    closer to avenging the devastating loss of 2013...

    The 2nd race of day proved to be much the nailbiter, with Oracle winning the start and rounding the 1st mark in place for the
    1st time in the finals.

    Tight racing with a couple of lead changes, mostly due to gift wind shifts, ended with Oracle taking race 6 for their first win in the series...
    ...And force a race 9 on Monday

    Full official report:

    Day three of the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, was full of drama, incident and history-making action, but the big story of the day is the fightback ORACLE TEAM USA staged against their rivals for the Auld Mug, Emirates Team New Zealand.

    The US Defenders of the America’s Cup found themselves 3-0 down to their Kiwi rivals after the first four races of the final stage of the 35th America’s Cup. However, from the start of race five, the first race of day three of the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, it was clear that ORACLE TEAM USA had found significant boat speed since the two teams last raced on Sunday 18th June.

    Race five went to Emirates Team New Zealand, who took full advantage of mistakes made on the US boat to put themselves 4-0 up, but in race six the tables finally turned, ORACLE TEAM USA winning their first race of the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton. With that victory, Skipper Jimmy Spithill made more history, tying Sir Russell Coutts’ winning record in America’s Cup Match races, recording his 14th victory, the same as Coutts.

    That win means that the 35th America’s Cup will continue into Monday 26th June as neither team can reach the seven points needed to win the 35th America’s Cup in the two races scheduled on Sunday 24th June.

    However, the win also signifies that the clear advantage Emirates Team New Zealand had over their US rivals in the opening weekend of the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, has gone, and that means even more compelling racing is guaranteed in the remaining head-to-heads between the two teams fighting for the oldest trophy in international sport.

    The battle on the water also carried on into the press conference after the action concluded on the Great Sound with the rivals looking back at the two races on day three, and the week they’ve both had to prepare for the resumption of hostilities on Saturday 24th June.

    “We felt like we gave away that last race a bit, but it is great to see a little fight out of these boys,” remarked Burling, on ORACLE TEAM USA’s revival, to which Jimmy Spithill replied, "It is only just beginning mate."

    Reflecting further on his team's vast improvement and the importance of ORACLE TEAM USA cutting the overall deficit to Emirates Team New Zealand, Spithill added, “We all saw that the boat is faster, obviously we are not sailing as well as we should do, but the important thing is that the boat is faster.

    “We’ll be going straight back out on the water today to work on a few things. That’s a good position to be in, knowing there is more on the table and that the changes are working, the boat is getting quicker.

    “It was five very long days but the good thing is we’ve been able to reward the entire shore crew with a win. We now have confidence in the tool we have, which is the most important thing.

    “It does remind me of San Francisco when, once the guys can see that the boat is faster, then you start building some momentum.

    “Getting that first victory was important today but I believe there is more speed in the tank.

    “The boat is clearly faster because of the changes and it showed in the second race that if we as athletes can do a good job then the boat responds.

    “We know we can do much better, but all in all we are just happy with the performance of the boat, to be able to get that race win, and to know that the boat is faster.”

    In reply, Peter Burling acknowledged the new greater threat from ORACLE TEAM USA but remained confident in Emirates Team New Zealand being able to hold their advantage.

    “We knew to expect a battle and now it appears we have got one,” remarked Burling.

    “We felt they were a little rusty last weekend but we are under no illusions. When we entered this we knew we were in for one hell of a battle. It was nice to get those first wins and take a lead.

    “We came out of a good battle today and managed to take another win but we feel we have plenty more to come.

    “We didn’t sail particularly well today but it was great to walk away with another win. We’re really happy with the lead we have got and we’ll come back stronger, expecting a really great battle in the coming races.

    “It’s no secret that when you look at our team, we are all very young and the advantage that gives us is that we are all pretty open and learn fast. We have an incredibly talented group of guys and we’re excited to get back out there and race again tomorrow.”

    America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton

    Race Five

    After five days away from racing Jimmy Spithill's ORACLE TEAM USA’s fightback against Emirates Team New Zealand started in the worst possible style in Race Five, the team being handed a penalty for crossing the start line too early, allowing Peter Burling’s Emirates Team New Zealand to sail into a clear lead.

    “All of our onboard gear had us behind the line at the start but it was wrong,” bemoaned Spithill of the early penalty. “We both rely on pretty sophisticated software at times and in these boats you get one knot of difference and it changes everything.”

    However, despite the setback, the American team responded spectacularly, closing the gap completely rounding the second gate before taking the lead in the first pass of the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, on leg 3/7.

    However, just as they had taken the lead, ORACLE TEAM USA were punished once again as the boats crossed for a second time on leg 3/7. Both teams appealed against the other but it was Jimmy Spithill who was penalised, his team having to fall two boat lengths behind his rival, effectively handing them the race victory.

    To add insult to injury, the Defender’s pursuit of Emirates Team New Zealand was hampered even further as a poorly executed manoeuvre then saw them lose all momentum, allowing the Kiwis to sail well clear on leg 4/7.

    The Kiwi team’s advantage stood at just over a minute at the fifth gate and by the time they crossed the finish line Emirates Team New Zealand were two minutes and four seconds ahead of their rivals, putting them 4-0 up at the end of race five.

    Race Six

    With the pressure mounting on Jimmy Spithill and ORACLE TEAM USA, they finally halted Emirates Team New Zealand’s charge, securing a timely and vital 11 second victory over the Kiwis in the sixth race of the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, to cut the deficit to 4-1.

    In contrast to the first race of the day, both teams crossed the start line cleanly, with ORACLE TEAM USA beating Emirates Team New Zealand to mark one for the very first time in the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton.

    The lead then changed hands twice on leg two but it was Jimmy Spithill’s team which held a slender 12 second advantage at the third gate.

    At gate four Spithill took a gamble, jibing in the run up to the next gate, but it proved to be an error and Burling took the shorter course to the gate to edge ahead of his rival.

    However, ORACLE TEAM USA’s new-found speed paid dividends on leg 5/7 as they cut the gap to their rivals and engaged in close-quarter racing. Two passes then ensued between the two teams, with Spithill coming out on top, nudging ahead at the fifth gate.

    Having eradicated the mistakes that had held back ORACLE TEAM USA in race five, Spithill kept his rival at bay in the run up to the finish line and sealed an 11-second win which, vitally, keeps ORACLE TEAM USA firmly in the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton.

    “We had a couple of good leads but some bad manoeuvres allowed them to catch us up,” conceded Peter Burling on defeat in race six. “We made a couple of mistakes and we lost some metres, however, full credit to them, they sailed better than us in that race.”

    Race Results

    Race Five: Emirates Team New Zealand beat ORACLE TEAM USA by 2 minutes and 4 seconds

    Race Six: ORACLE TEAM USA beat Emirates Team New Zealand
    by 11 seconds

    Overall Standings

    Emirates Team New Zealand 4*

    * Emirates Team New Zealand started the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton -1 due to ORACLE TEAM USA’s win in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers
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    Kiwis take two.

    Match point.

    It is now Match point Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Day four of the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, belonged firmly to Peter Burling and the New Zealand team who comfortably won the two scheduled races of the day, races seven and eight of the final stage of the 35th America’s Cup.

    Having won race six on Saturday, ORACLE TEAM USA went into the second Sunday of the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, looking to gain more ground on their Kiwi rivals, but the New Zealand juggernaut had found its pace again and was unbeatable in similar weather conditions to day three, Saturday 24th June.

    The America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton leaderboard now stands at 6-1 to Emirates Team New Zealand who need only one more race to take the ‘Auld Mug’ back to their home country.

    “We were absolutely delighted with how the day went,” said Peter Burling after claiming back-to-back victories to take his team to the verge of their first America’s Cup success since 2000. “We were disappointed to give away a race yesterday but we certainly made up for it today.

    “We’ve got a fantastic team and you can see that out on the water. We’ve all got the same understanding of what we want to achieve and we are all on the same page.

    “Despite the lead we won’t get ahead of ourselves because we still know we have a job to do and it’s still an incredibly tough ask.

    “A lot has been said about what happened four years ago but I love the pressure. If you want to come all the way to Bermuda and win the America’s Cup then you have to deal with immense pressure. As a group we feel the pressure is bringing the best out of us and I think we’ve more than answered those questions.”

    For ORACLE TEAM USA, this is familiar ground, and nobody would write off the Defenders who so memorably staged one of, if not the, greatest comebacks in sport when they pulled back from an 8-1 deficit to win the 2013 America’s Cup 9-8 against the same rivals.

    “They [Emirates Team New Zealand] sailed better than us today and made a lot fewer mistakes,” conceded Jimmy Spithill on what was a disappointing day for ORACLE TEAM USA.

    “They deserved to win both of the races because we clearly made far too many mistakes out there. We’re in a tough situation now and all we can really do is take this one race at a time.

    “The plan certainly wasn’t to be in this position again, I can assure you of that, but we are here now so it is up to all of us to respond and react.

    “You wouldn’t have been surprised to see a bit of a bad reaction out there today but the boys kept fighting and that’s great. Potentially, in a situation like this you could see a team split apart, but when we got ashore everyone pulled together because we know this isn’t over.

    “I still think we can win races with this boat. We’ve proven we can races against these guys if we sail well but if we make too many mistakes like we did today then we won’t win races.”

    Having made changes to their boat since the opening weekend of the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Spithill was asked if there might also be changes to personnel on the ORACLE TEAM USA boat ahead of day five, to which he replied, “Anything is on the table. Every single team member in ORACLE TEAM USA will do whatever they can to help the team win.

    “That includes me. If the team feel they have a better chance of winning with me on the wheel, I’ll be on the wheel, if we feel we have a better chance with me off the wheel, no problem. Our attitude has always been you put the team before yourself.

    “Once again we will go away and review everything and tomorrow we will put out the boat, the configuration and the team we feel will give us the best possible chance to win some races.

    “We don’t need to think too much about the end result, all we need to focus on is winning one race, and one race at a time. We have to learn from our mistakes and come out fighting stronger tomorrow, that’s it, that’s all we will be thinking about.”

    Racing is scheduled to resume at 2.00pm on Monday 26th June with races nine and ten in the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, taking place on Bermuda’s Great Sound.

    America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton

    Race Seven

    It was a drag race over the startline in race seven as both teams made clean getaways, Emirates Team New Zealand just ahead as they rounded mark one. Spithill blinked first, making the turn before Burling and slowly inching closer to the Kiwis as they headed towards gate two. On leg three there was very little between the two teams but the Kiwis extended their advantage again as they headed upwind, giving themselves a 32 second lead as they headed into leg four.

    Despite the growing gap, ORACLE TEAM USA did not give up, continuing to try and claw back the advantage the Kiwis were building, but it was largely to no avail. The New Zealanders put on a dominant display, extending their lead to 40 seconds by gate four and then slightly back to 35 seconds at the fifth gate.

    On leg six it looked as if Emirates Team New Zealand would wrap up the victory cleanly, but a bad jibe gave ORACLE TEAM USA a glimmer of hope. Spithill and his crew did everything they could to stop the leaderboard ticking round to 5-1 to Emirates Team New Zealand, reducing the deficit to 13 seconds at the sixth gate, but they were unable to bridge the gap completely and that left the Kiwis celebrating victory in race seven.

    Race Eight

    The second of Sunday’s two races started with Emirates Team New Zealand putting clear air between them and ORACLE TEAM USA well before the startline after Spithill had failed to box in his rival, having to watch Burling accelerating into a 13 second lead before Spithill had even crossed the start.
    “We thought we would be able to pull a manoeuvre off but clearly we couldn’t, it was a big mistake,” admitted Spithill on the poor pre-start. “That really handed it to Peter and these guys were in a pretty easy situation to hook us and that’s game over really.”

    By gate two that lead was already up to 24 seconds and Spithill chose to split the course, a decision that appeared to pay dividends as the gap started to decrease, but a penalty on leg four as ORACLE TEAM USA sailed outside the boundary effectively ended their hopes in race eight.

    Again, Emirates Team New Zealand continued to extend their lead, reaching 36 seconds ahead at mark four, sailing their America’s Cup Class (ACC) boat perfectly. This was in contrast to ORACLE TEAM USA whose minor issues kept increasing the difference between the two teams on the racetrack.

    Finally, another dominant display by Burling and the New Zealand team culminated in a 30 second win in race eight over ORACLE TEAM USA, putting them on the brink of winning the 35th America’s Cup.

    Race Results

    Race Seven:

    Emirates Team New Zealand bt ORACLE TEAM USA by 12 seconds

    Race Eight:

    Emirates Team New Zealand bt ORACLE TEAM USA by 30 seconds

    Overall Standings

    Emirates Team New Zealand 6*

    * Emirates Team New Zealand started the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton -1 due to ORACLE TEAM USA’s win in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers
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