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Thread: Loop Current Could threaten Florida Keys, Bahamas

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    Loop Current Could threaten Florida Keys, Bahamas

    Hogarth said a computer model shows oil has already entered the loop current, while a second shows the oil is 3 miles from it — still dangerously close. The models are based on weather, ocean current and spill data from the U.S. Navy and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, among other sources.

    Hogarth said it's still too early to know what specific amounts of oil will make it to Florida, or what damage it might do to the sensitive Keys or beaches on Florida's Atlantic coast. He said claims by BP that the oil would be less damaging to the Keys after traveling over hundreds of miles from the spill site were not mollifying.

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    Jeff Masters, Ph.D., is a former NOAA pilot and co-founder of one of the leading weather web sites, Weather Underground, where he writes a regular blog on major weather topics. Masters says that the Loop Current, a natural flow of warm ocean currents that extends from the Yucatan Peninsula, into the Gulf of Mexico, around the southern tip of Florida and past the Bahamas, could draw the oil from the spill right through the north-west Bahamas.

    "This would most likely happen if a persistent trough of low pressure settles over the East Coast in May," Masters said in his blog, "or if a tropical storm makes landfall along the Florida Panhandle this summer."

    The weather expert believes that oil caught in the Loop Current would move relatively rapidly at 2 - 4 mph to the southeast and then eastwards through the Keys, potentially fouling beaches in the Keys, northwest Cuba, the southwest and southeast coasts of Florida, and the western Bahamas.

    Bahamas Islands Info

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    Last nights 60 Minutes

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    I'd boycott BP, but they are the cheapest gas around.

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    Some serious hide and seek going on in the South as BP and agencies attempt to mask the real damage occouring in the gulf. We hope to have some real time feed back on the goings on
    in the very near future.

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    Today's Wall Street Journal:

    BP Cites Crucial 'Mistake'
    'Very Large Abnormality' in the Well Wasn't Heeded Hours Before Fatal Explosion
    And the 60 Minutes video is revealing and chilling. Check out Buster's post or the entire story here:
    Blowout: The Deepwater Horizon Disaster

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