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Thread: SSS Round The Rocks

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    SSS Round The Rocks

    19.3 nm's of short handed bliss with 91 boats registered.

    Could blow like a mofo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Photoboy View Post
    Could blow like a mofo.
    Like the sound of that....

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    Sounds like fun. I'm available for abuse as crew if someone needs me. I have sailed more than just the beach cats.

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    Forecast has moderated from earlier in the week - mid-teens now all day till late afternoon.

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    Did they forecast a hole , and floating North ?

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    Hole prediction is in the platinum service

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    So, how was it?

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    Windy start….. most reefed down. Wind stayed until Harding/Raccoon. Light from then on for us. We had some wind angle transitions near the Brothers. Fought the tides back to Red Rock and to finish. Then the wind nuked on the way back across the slot to the Estuary…. doing 9-10s all the way down the Estuary.

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    A few boats came into RYC for the free beer (thanks SSS), $3.00 hot dogs, etc.- good chit chat around the tables on RYC's big deck.

    I didn't see any data going into Jibeset so results may not be up for a bit.

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