Had the pleasure of doing a ride along with USA 76, and the A.C. Sailing team as they performed back to back charters for the nice folks at Omega Watches. Great team and with September weather on May Day to boot.

Very impressed how the crew of 4, Jonathan, Heather, Rob, and Jeanette manage the boat, full of complete novices, and get it out of the slip, sails raised and engage all participants in the process which both educational, informative and entertaining as well. Equally impressed on how much fun the guest were having, and how at ease the whole process was. While the America's Cup may be headed out of town, USA 76 is here to stay, they even built their own concrete docks at Pier 39, and have a very unique method of entering and exiting the slip. The 84' sloop only weighs 10, lbs and has 40,000 lbs of lead keeping her up right and sails amazing smooth and fast in light air and handles the stiffer breezes with grace and ease.

Working the coffee grinders is like a membership at 24 hour fitness, only without the gym smell, and afterwards, the dining opportunities at Pier 39 are vastly more ambitious than the vending machine in the fitness center lobby.

Full charters or individual rides are available for various charters are available, including spots at the GGYC Friday Night Beer Can Series.

Check em out!