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Thread: Ditch Run 2014

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    You might be onto something, a new reality series maybe.

    Close encounters with Dudley Doowrong, or Bad Badge Behavior?

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    Make sure everyone is clean and sober when contesting the local law enforcement. Jot down their badge number and name for verification.

    Be concise in any written complaints and expect to give your full ID, including drivers license, name, home phone, address etc, and same for all
    on boat which are willing to provide statements. You should direct such complaints to the sheriffs department (in this case) but also the district attorney,
    and any elected official representing the county you feel may have even the remotest concern. You may wish to follow up said letters with phone calls
    to your contacted officials. In my experience, a direct, non confrontational call to representative, following up on the written document yields the best response.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Salvador View Post
    CF numbers aren't required of boats that are brought in to race. Nor are they required on documented vessels. Personally...I would have told them to come back with a warrant.
    My Antrim is documented, and therefore I've not received a mussel sticker from the DMV. The Zodiac and Mercury, on the other hand...

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    2014 Delta Ditch Run

    I answered the call to help the Smart Recruiter X40 catamaran as the safety boat driver for the DDR. After trading a couple e-mails I agreed to meet up Friday to help rig and prep the boat. Friday morning I showed up at Richmond Yacht club but the boat was not there. After a second check of the harbor I called Randy and found out I was looking at the wrong harbor. I got to the correct marina and had missed half the hanging of the main but helped to finish.

    I then went back to Richmond to help rig the Zebra F18. We planned to rig and test sail but we kept having problems keeping the tramp in. After a couple times re rigging the tramp we decided to just put some short screws through the deck to hold the bolt rope. Thanks to Skip Elliot for the idea assist. With the boat mostly ready I had to take off to try to beat traffic back home.

    Saturday morning I got to the dock early and got a few pics with Daisy, Greg, Cherie, and Erwan. The rest of the crew was there and we were waiting for the divers to show to finish the bottom before the race. Gear, sleeping bags, drinks, clothes and food were loaded into the chase RIB, or the X40 as needed. Jib and gennaker were hoisted and set in the stand by positions. The divers finished and we pushed off from the dock. With guidance from Randy I turned and drove them from the dock with the rib. Once we had some speed the X40 does the steering so then we are just there for throttle.

    We got outside the marina and into the basin area where we turned into the wind and hoisted the main. Dave, Dave, Jerome, Erwin, and Chris took the side tie ropes loose and the Smart Recruiter team was ready to head to the start area. With a nice breeze we made the start area fairly easily and began the wait for the start. Each division has a different start time so we were waiting about an hour from the first Monohull till the Multihulls were set loose. After several passes across the start area and parking the time had come and the final start sequence was going. Our main completion was the Marstrom 32 “LIFTOFF” and the D-Cat “Adrenalin”. We were set on Port with the 32 and were close for the start.

    The first two gibes were close with both boats lifting hulls and flying under gennaker. Then we chose to go further out into the bay while the 32 stayed more inside. This gave a lead to them and the boats began to pick their way through the field of mono’s ahead of them.

    Greg, Cliff and I had to take a small detour as there was a J-35 stuck on the rocks. We got to them and helped to pull them off. Sounded like there will be some bottom work on the rudder and keel but the boat stayed up and they began to motor sail back to Richmond. We noticed Adrenalin was stuck in the same area but there was a safety boat there so we got back to our primary boat. We resumed the chase and caught back up to the big cats. We settled into the center of the channel and were traveling at about 12 knots watching the big boats crossing back and forth. They were covering much more distance with all the jibes but a 12 knot VMG sounded good for such a long race.

    The next section through San Pablo Bay was nice sailing and the VMG was coming up to about 15. The M32 was opening up a lead but we still had them in sight. The breeze was starting to drop but still enough to lift a hull. As we left San Pablo Bay we decided to stop and fuel the chase boat in Benicia. As we were coming into the marina there was a boat with a fouled spin and no other sails up motoring in. We got near them and they told us they were sinking. We followed them in to the dock and quickly tied up. Greg and Cliff jumped to help them in getting the boat secured. I began fueling and they seemed to be holding the water down in the hull. The bilge pump was running and the pump out hose was dropped into the bilge to help get some water out. They managed to get the spin unfouled dropped and stowed; with help there for them we got back to our race duties.

    We gave the rib a workout in the flat waters of Suisun Bay and doing 30 to 35 caught up with Smart Recruiters in time to finish Suisun Bay with them. As we began to enter the river section of the race the Marstrom 32 was beginning to drop out of sight. We were the front 2 boats so the lonely section began.

    We were still making decent speed but the VMG had dropped to 8 knots and the wind was continuing drop out on us. The Sacramento River led to the Slough. Next was the San Joaquin River. Pittsburg we were now making 5 knots VMG. By the time we hit Antioch that had dropped to 3 knots. While this was adding time to the trip it was also giving us a chance to catch the front boat. They had the breeze longer and opened up on us, but as the new Delta Breeze filled we got the wind first.

    As we wound up the San Joaquin we kept gaining ground on the Marstrom 32. Finally we turned a corner and there they were. We had more breeze and better boat speed. It was a race again. As both cats began the slow speed game of chess down the tight river channel, jibes became the weapon to win or lose the lead. For close to 2 hours the lead changed hands and both boats dueled challenging the crew to not make a mistake. The Marstrom could cover a lot of ground if she could lift a hull. The X40 would water line her if both hulls were in the water. The X40 also had to make less maneuvers allowing ground to be made up there. With the deeper run and less jibes the X40 opened a good size lead. We were now getting close to the finish and the final 5 miles looked to belong to Smart Recruiters.

    Then it happened, we ran aground. The boat came to a stop on a rock and sand spit at the edge of the channel. The crew was working to get the boat free. Pulling boards and furling the kite. Easing the sheets and traveler still they were stuck. The Marstrom was coming for the lead and soon would pass us. With 2 crew in the water the boat moved off the rock and we were now behind by about a quarter mile.

    The crew sailed the final section well and we just ran out of river to try and catch the Marstrom 32. We finished second on the water at 7 hours and 10 minutes, 10 minutes behind. We pulled the chase boat up and held them into the wind as the main came down, and we then drove in to the docks at Stockton Sailing Club. Some of us grabbed drinks and said hello and congrats to the winning boat. Then a quick trip to the bar and we were ready to roll out for the island. The third boat to finish was Shadow, followed by Adrenaline who ended up winning overall on time.

    We motored out side tied and prepared the long line tow for the run to Tinsley Island. The River was starting to get busy with finishing boats. We got on the long line and cranked up to about 14 knots so we made as little wake as possible for the finishing boats. We got to Tinsley Island and tied up for the night. Dave had brought a great cooler of food for our dinner. It all got thrown on the grills and with Sausage, Chicken, corn on the cob, vegetables we ate well and had a few drinks. A couple crew were in the lighthouse bunk room, but most of us crashed on the X40 tramp. Not a bad way to sleep truth be told I slept well there. One person chose to sleep on the grass, not a good idea as sprinklers come on at 3 am. Our day was over and we prepared for the drive home the next day.
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    Ditch Run Return 2014
    Sunday morning we got the crew together and after some coffee and a little breakfast we hit the boat for the ride home. Some crew positions were changed and the gear restored. Cliff and I moved from support boat to the cat. Dave and Dave moved to the support boat for the ride home. We left Tinsley Island side tied and got out into the river. Once we were out we switched to long line tow and started making miles.
    We stayed under tow most of the morning and as we got to Antioch we stopped to top off the tank on the rib. Even though we had enough fuel to get back we wanted a safety margin, and the fuel gauge was not working properly. We managed to drive in side tied to the X40 and got the fuel tank filled up. We got back out into the river went back on the long line. The wind was up and the chop began to really bounce the cat. We went back to side tie and began to raise the main. We chose to sail just on the main for a while as the breeze was pretty solid.
    It took a little bit to get going as the X40 likes the jib when tacking. Once got going it was a nice sail. With the support boat running out front and marking the edge of the channel for us we were taking as long a tack as we could. Once in Suisun Bay we chose to add the jib and ease the helm caused by not having it. We still had a reef in the main so we weren't concerned about overpowering.
    With the jib up we got going again and the tacking was much easier. The boat speed was up at 15 to 17 doing the upwind work. As we sailed we were also changing different settings and trying to find better ways to sail with the reef in. We changed rotation, cunningham, and tried different board heights. Chris, Jerome, and Erwan were swapping positions on the back of the boat and Cliff and I were on the front of the boat. Suisun Bay quickly passed by and we turned further up the channel and into San Pablo Bay.
    We were taking long tacks and really getting good boat speed and control was beautiful by the guys at the back of the boat. With Cliff and I hiking and making jib or board adjustments as needed the main, traveler and tiller were working well and the windward hull was flying and the speed was at about 17 on the gps. We dropped to a tight reach for a while again looking to find new setting points to be used later in racing. The speedo now had the low 20's reading and we were approaching the point San Pablo turn. We tacked out further into the bay and when we had a good line we tacked to go past the bridge. We passed under the Richmond San Rafael Bridge and as we got near the fuel pier we were caught in a large wind hole. We drifted for a while then got picked up again by the safety boat.
    The wind filled back and we dropped the lines and we were off on a tight reach heading to Richmond harbor. The wind came back in well and the X40 Smart Recruiter really began to go. As we hit more of a beam reach we had the speeds hitting the low 20's. Cliff and I moved to the back beam and the speedo climbed to its highest point of the weekend. Saturday was 23.1 but Sunday we hit 25.6. After a few puffs really put us at the limit we were at the turn down point. Jerome turned the boat down smoothly and we sped down the basin and when we were clear spun up into the wind.
    We dropped the main and jib and began the short motor back to the dock. As we got in we started folding and flaking sails for the storage container. We had some minor damage to the daggers and rudders from the beaching Saturday. After getting all the gear off the boat was washed down and we said our goodbyes.
    Thank you to the X40 Smart Recruiter Team. Jerome, Dave, Erwan, Chris, Dave, Cliff it was a pleasure to sail, and party with you.

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    A few pictures, Carquinez Straits and near the finish

    Express 37 One-Design gentlemen,

    Making Tracks down the Course:

    Both boats looking for the Sunscreen, SPF 50:

    Near the Finish Line, and the wind increased, twitched up a bit, from earlier in the day

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    A few more pictures near the finish line:

    First monohull to finish, Rufless

    Intruder, Stockton Sailing Club

    Sierra 26, DOS, Port Madison, Washington

    sail# 8526: Yucca, 8 Meter
    sail# 18414: Still Crazy, Hobie 33, SDYC, DPYC, LBYC, BCYC

    87065: Hobie 33 Stretch, SCYC

    Hobie Miracle 20 Mystery Machine

    The lights were turning off at this point in the day. There was no flash on the camera and my wife had to be at the airport.

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    The 2014 Delta Ditch Run pictures are in a Gallery.LINK

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