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Thread: OYRA Duxship

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    OYRA Duxship

    33 to 0 with downhill runs to and from Red Rocks on the inside the bay course which took the place of the Duxship Buoy to Sf Entrance Buoy event as wind were forecasted to be mid to high 30's this afternoon.

    Was about to head out the door at 1:30 and saw the sea state was a frothing mess...glad I was not standing on the big orange thing waiting in vain...
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    The decision to stay in the bay was not taken lightly. The OYRA board the the PRO have been discussing it for the last 36 hours or so and did not make the call until right before the race. We checked every available source for forecasting and as the start got closer so did the forecasts. We do this for FUN, right? The alternate course was added a few years ago so we don't have to outright cancel a race when we are all dressed up with no place to go. I think it was a fun day.

    Just to be specific, this was our decision. The Coast Guard did not keep us in the bay and were fine with us going out if we chose to.

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    t was a good call to stay in the bay. I was looking forward to the two out of three off the wind legs offshore but it could have been hairy. The alternate course was interesting, fun, and a hell of a lot warmer than we would have been in the gulf. Here's hoping that's the only alternate we do this year.


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    I wish I'd responded to the e-mails on Friday night, when some of the skippers were fishing around about the weather. I'd forgotten about the alternate course and wasn't excited about that beat up to Duxbury given the forecast. Good call.

    Instead of the race, I did the "right thing" and attended my daughter's final marching band review of the season, then worked on a couple more PacCup prep projects and met with Gordie about my inspection.

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    Nick Sands was up on the Marin Headlands yesterday. He said it was blowing stink and there were whitecaps over the horizon with significant swells. I agree that "inside" was a good call yesterday. It was interesting enough when the wind kicked in just in time for that ebb-chop beat back to Blackaller. We saw 33 knots at least twice and consistent mid-twenties most of the time. I'm always jealous of the Richmond-Estuary boats who "downwind" their way home after a City Front finish. We close reached into the chop on the wettest leg of the day - back to Sausalito. Thanks to the South Beach YC Race Committee for their hard work and to the StFYC for the race deck. -- Pat

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    I managed to find a new way to fuck up a race, miscalculate by an hour the time I needed to leave my house to make the start line. I had a nice daysail around the bay instead. I didn't even realize the ocean course was cancelled. Well, on to SHF.

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    We (Skipper Steve Buckingham, and crew Jen McKenna and myself), were good to go offshore. Full metal jackets, and shit. But, no. We were a bit grumpy, but shifted gears. The inside option was actually quite the technical course, as reflected in the results. We got as far as second, overall, and learned a lot about the boat. Watch out in the Jr. Waterhouse!

    At RYC, after putting Starbuck away, Will Paxton was quite bent out of shape on the "Inside" call. I'm sure many were. But I see a lot of boats who aren't likely to be up to 35 kts on the nose for 4 hours. At least, looking at their profiles at the start. Most are up to it, but I'll go with the RC, until we get back to 20th-century style racing, when overnight races were regular, and navigation was DR. I don't want to be the Coastie picking up debris off some sportboat disaster.

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    Personally I think this is nonsense. Many of these boats are prepping for Pacific crossings. This is part of getting to know your boat and your crew. There are no babysitters at 2 in the morning in the dark when it pipes to 35 and you need to do a hairy drop or pull in a reef. You need to get exposure to the conditions. Perhaps most of the fleet would have turned back and not finished. That is a perfectly reasonable outcome. They would have learned from the experience.

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    Daniel, while I might agree with you in principle, what you claim is "many" is actually 4 of 35. Bear in mind now, there is nothing, and no one standing in the way of ANY of the PacCup crews from going out in the snottiest conditions possible. My gang and I did it in '12 on a Sunday night, sailing to Pt. Reyes and back in 30-35 just to test the keel and rudder mods. We didn't need a race for our tests.

    Perhaps you need to give the axe you're grinding a frigging rest. If you wanted to take the Spear out on the ocean on Saturday, nothing was stopping you.

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