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Thread: SSS Single Handed Farallones

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    Nice write up Dirk, bummer about the Demon taking its toll. How well is the new boat set up for shorthanded sailing?
    She looks comfy and dry!

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    Hi Single Hander,

    I really like the boat for shorthanded sailing. Tiller, comfortable seating upwind with foot braces, no overlapping jibs, double rudders for great control and low autopilot power consumption. The boat is a little heavy but you get a great interior which means that my wife and kids sail with me, which is important.
    It's amazing how well the boat moves through the waves, no slamming whatsoever..

    Dirk - TIJD

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    How are the accommodations below?

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    There are some great pictures here:

    Sleeps 6 easily, separate head and shower, lot's of storage. Family loves it...

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    First part of the Single Handed Farallones race on board Tijd:

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    Nice video Dirk, thanks for sharing!

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    Yes nice leisurely cruise..
    I thought you were gonna lose your winch handle during your tack, did you manage to keep that one?

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    I know, funny looking back. I did not lose the winch handle. Also you can see that the boat is not well balanced early in the race (lot's of helm corrections). Later in the race the boat is nicely balanced and there was no effort to keep her in the groove.
    This was my second race on Tijd and my first time offshore with the boat. I'm still figuring it out...

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    How is she in lighter winds?

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