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Thread: SSS Single Handed Farallones

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    It's 2 parts? Sweet. Love how you flipped the camera around. Smart thinking!

    Anyone checked out the new Sony mini's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhusselman View Post
    I know, funny looking back. I did not lose the winch handle. Also you can see that the boat is not well balanced early in the race (lot's of helm corrections). Later in the race the boat is nicely balanced and there was no effort to keep her in the groove.
    This was my second race on Tijd and my first time offshore with the boat. I'm still figuring it out...
    Thanks for answering. The suspense was killing me.
    I can tell you where you can find several of my old winch handles if you need one.
    They're hidden at various locations all over the bay. You'll probably need scuba gear and an underwater metal detector to locate them though....

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