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Thread: blokart performance down-haul

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    blokart performance down-haul

    I really liked the way Scott Young rigged his downhaul at Red Lake and Ivanpah this spring:

    When I got home I started working on my own version and pretty soon I'd made a bunch of parts...
    Somehow it all snow-balled into a side-line business:

    I have mounts to attach cam-cleats to the blokart side-tube and steering:

    (click the image to see more info.)

    I'm just about done with the design of a "turn key" 6:1 cascade down-haul system that I plan to sell for $130 and a "budget" 6:1 triple-block system (like the BIL "ultra2") for about $80.

    If you're interested in any of this stuff, send me a note:


    Geoff S.

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    Here's a short video tour of the latest iteration of the cascade down-haul system.
    I ended up with two "budget" triple-block systems, one with the cleat on the block, and one with the cleat on the side-tube.

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