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Thread: 4 Dead in Crab Opener Mishap at Bodega Rocks

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    4 Dead in Crab Opener Mishap at Bodega Rocks

    4 persons were killed this morning in a tragic boating accident during the recreational crab season opener at Bodega Bay. USCG Station Bodega Bay responded to numerous calls of an overturned recrational fishing vessel in the vicinity of Bodega Rocks, just south of the harbor mouth. Bodega rocks is notorious for its sneaker waves and large fish which feed on the native seal population.

    Conditions at Point Bonita Saturday afternoon

    Bodega Rocks

    The USCG Station Bodega Bay is literally just inside the mouth of the channel in Bodega Bay and was on scene within minutes of the call. The accident was witnessed by numerous mariners in the area and response time was not a factor.

    Forecast and conditions this morning at Bodega Buoy

    In this case, there were 5 persons on board, and no one was wearing a life jacket.

    The USCG located one person consious on the lee of Bodega rock on on un responsive
    victim nearby in the water. The lone survivor indicated that there were 5 total on board, and 3 additional bodys were located with the assist of other local responding agencies.

    The lone survivor was airlifted to Santa Rosa where he remains hospitalized.

    The crab fishermen photographed above off China Beach in San Francisco. While more protected, 8-10 foot swells were observed crashing on the beach at the same time.

    Crabs are a tasty short term treat. But being dead is permanant.
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    KTVU reported it was a local, elderly crew on a 32' boat, returning with limits of crab, caught by a rogue wave.


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