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Thread: Kauai Khama: Communications Shakedown

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    Kauai Khama: Communications Shakedown

    Brian Boshma, at the top right, spent a good deal of his summer working as the Big Cheese for the Single Handed Transpac, with some solitary confinement In Hanalei. During a slow spell, Brian tokk a day off to do a hike and test some of his communications gear to get a better signal and talk to some of the competitors.

    During one such hike, some miscreants broke into his rental car and made off with approximately $1,000.00 worth of gear, including Brian's PLB/EPIRB. It seems the genius's that ripped Brian off have now taken to setting off the unit and the USCG and Hawaiian Police are triangulating the coordinates and zeroing in on the crooks.

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    Theft in Hawaii is not uncommon. Smash and grab at many beaches and trail heads is way too prevalent.

    There is an encampment of ne're do wells at the cave before the Kalalau trail last time I was there.

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    I hear that removing the ball sack can reduce the desire to take things that do not belong to you.

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