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Thread: SSS 3 Bridge Fiasco Draws Near/YRA Master Calendar

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Flash View Post
    we have safety boats? Or are you tailing a Fast Cat?
    Tailing a Fast Cat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz Light Beer View Post
    There's a party?
    Anniversary party for me and the wife. (if I'm home in time if not it may be a divorce party)

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    Staying married is probably best for keeping the sandmo's flowing!

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    forecast looking a bit better today, still too far out to call.

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    With 356 entries we're now even with the last two years . . . but there's still 11 hours to go. Maybe we'll set a new record?

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    SUUUUUWWWEEEETTTT.... just got the call... le vivaneau rouge has exited surgery and will be ready to splash manana...who wants to go for a ride?
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    What kind of ride?

    In an ice cream truck?

    We are a little old for that.

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    Can you get us a ride on Akela? I don't want to buy her, just tug on stuff and see what breaks.

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    le pink snapper could be compared to a ice cream truck. I hear the owners taste in music runs towards circuses and clowns.

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