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Thread: BBBS 2011: Looking Back @ The Big Blow

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    BBBS 2011: Looking Back @ The Big Blow

    After a client contacted us seeking some images from a few years back we stumbled upon some frames from the 2011
    Big Boat Series hosted by the St Francis YC. Seems this particular day will stand out for some time is the unusual conditions which
    were sprung unto the Northern California region as a very strong low pressure system brushed past, triggering thunderstorms in the central valley and High Sierra
    and extremely high winds for a time of year which is generally pleasant, warm and with mellow winds.

    Among the participants that year was Bill Turpins RP77' Akela which was pitted against 5 TP 52's, Power Play, Mayhem, Rebel Yell, Rio and Vesper

    Akela was designed for long power reaches and setting distance records, not really for buoys so much, and as the one of their crew, Chris Deaver said,
    "When we came out of the motel in the Marina that morning, and the breeze grabbed the door and nearly ripped it off its hinges, we knew we were in for an interesting ride. We put up the smallest sails we had and still broke stuff. We finished, but it wasn't pretty"

    The racing started in the 30 knot range and went up from there, with many boats retiring after breaking gear, shredding kites. With guest Graham Garrenton onboard the might Red Snapper, we ventured out into the gnarly bay, which seemed much more like an angry ocean with waves overhead at times. The maytag area off Alcatraz was a no go zone for anything under 30', and we managed to take some very large waves over the tubes, flooding the cockpit and forcing a time out at the GGYC docks to dry things out and get sorted, watching the parade of other boats, tails between legs come motoring back into the harbor.

    We did manage to snap off a few frames in the process of which we'll share with you here, a bigger gallery can be found

    Akela is on the market, details can be found Here!
    But be forewarned, there are some documentation issues that need to be resolved, as it was a 503c donation, and transfer of title can be complicated,
    from what we understand.

    Wind Puts the “Big” in Rolex Series

    September 10, 2011

    Sailors at the Rolex Big Boat Series sensed it was going to be a difficult day when they showed up at the St. Francis Yacht Club this morning and it was already blowing a hooley. For the last two days it had taken at least until an early fog lifted for the wind to reach its peaks in the 20s, but this morning it blew 20-25 right out of the box, with gusts nearing 28 even before the first race start at 11 a.m. The result of it never letting up was a good amount of carnage on the race course and some losers as well as winners in the battle between man and Mother Nature.

    The first boat back to the dock with damage was Scooter Simmons’ (Belvedere, Calif.) Blackhawk, which was leading the 21-boat J/105 fleet going into today; the boat was t-boned after a classic port/starboard crossing went awry. “Whisper (skippered by Marc Vayn of San Francisco) was on port and looked to be ducking us, but I guess his mainsheet got stuck or something and he couldn’t avoid hitting us,” said Simmons, nodding to the port-side gash in his hull topped by a tumble of stanchions. “Our goal is to seek redress for both of today’s races and get this fixed before tomorrow.” Redress was later granted, and Blackhawk added a 2-2 to its score, having turned in finish positions of 4-1-2-1 over the last two days. The team still sits atop the scoreboard with Jason Woodley/Scott Whitney’s (Tiburon, Calif.) Risk in second, a full 12 points behind.
    Results from regatta

    The Regatta News Report
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    I remember that year well we "jumped ship" on our fleet and raced in IRC. A fun wet and successful regatta and my last BBS on a 120.

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    This was one of my favorite BBSs. Jumped on a out of town J-125 at the last minute, got a 2-3 the first day. We then ripped the jib track out while in 2nd on the first race on Friday, then sheared the bottom half of the rudder off while doing around 20 down the face of Angel Island in the second race. Still managed to finish but almost put the boat on the rocks after finishing with a bad kite wrap.

    We got the replacement rudder in because this kid we where sailing with swam under the boat in his skivvies in the StFYC marina and got us off the dock at about 1045 Saturday, just making our 1110 start down at Berkeley.

    Went to see Rancid Saturday night and sailed Sunday stone deaf. We still finished tied for 3rd.

    Met some great people, had some great downwind rides, and really enjoyed BBS for once.

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    Here's our "ride" - on board video. Starts off with mid 20's kts of wind and a rather ugly jibe. The 32kt puff hits around 60 seconds in.

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    I think I heard the gooseneck scream.

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