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Thread: Bad day on the Bay

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    Bad day on the Bay


    Tug boat buddy of mine just sent me this. Taken North East of Treasure Island. Anybody know anything about it?

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    Was just out there..... had the kite up in 20k+ heading toward the lee of Treasure Island and I saw the mast but recall the mainsail not being up, just seeing a bare mast and the jib look completely rolled up when I passed??. There was a large sailboat with sails down next to it standing by.... no one in the water or anything activity happening.

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    Oh Shit.... Here is a larger file of image...

    The boat is a Pearson 40'

    Sailed in the 98 Pacific Cup under the name Moretise

    From Vallejo...Skipper then was Dennis Ronk and navigator Jack Vetter...
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    I am curious how they got the main down and jib rolled after getting the hull submerged?

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    Maybe they already had a salvage crew on site?

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    Here's the USCG News Release about the boat that sank near TI. No real details, but good news that no one was lost.

    News Release

    July 27, 2015

    Sector San Francisco PAO

    Contact: Sector San Francisco Public Affairs

    Office: (415) 740-4364
    Coast Guard rescues man from sinking sailing vessel near Treasure Island

    SAN FRANCISCO — The Coast Guard rescued an adult male from a sinking sailing vessel Monday evening near Treasure Island.

    At 6:29 p.m., Coast Guard Sector San Francisco Command Center personnel received a distress broadcast from the owner of a 40-foot sailing vessel reporting it was taking on water approximately half of a mile northeast of Treasure Island.

    The Sector San Francisco Command Center issued an Urgent Marine Information Broadcast and dispatched a rescue boatcrew from Coast Guard Station San Francisco and a helicopter rescue crew from Coast Guard Air Station San Francisco.

    The man was wearing a life jacket and was pulled from the water by the rescue boatcrew. There were no injuries reported, and medical care was declined.

    “The individual was able to direct us right to him with his portable VHF radio,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class Jamison Larson, a crewmember at Coast Guard Station San Francisco. “The radio, coupled with the life jacket he was wearing, enabled us to quickly locate and safely recover him from the water."

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    I am curious how they got the main down and jib rolled after getting the hull submerged?
    Maybe the wave action had brook loose the sails..... we were dockside by 4pm so I guess the 6:29PM was the USCG report time, not incident time.

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    That's good news!

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