Big fun at the Richmond Yacht Club late last week as they hosted the 2015 29er Nationals.
26 Teams from around the US and Canada converged on to Southampton Shoals which provided
plenty of breeze and challenging conditions to test the mettle of these high performance trainers
and their crews.

"A great range of talent with some of the future Olympic contenders" is how RYC's Skiff Sailing Coordinator Dan Brandt described the fleet.

It's been some time since the Bay has seen a gathering of 29ers this size, and hopefully this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday provided some impetus
for some additional youth to get aboard and get into this high energy, apparent wind dynamo's!

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Official Reports:

2015 US 29er National Championships - Race Day 1

Three races were completed today on the Hampton Rhodes area of San Francisco Bay with winds ranging from about 12 to 18 knots. As the water is very shallow (less than 10') in this region, the seas get pretty choppy - which makes the handling of the boat much more complex - exactly as was expected and hoped for. Twenty six teams are sailing, most of which had raced in the recently completed North American Championships in the Gorge. Notably, we have several local teams joining in - including several 29er alumni such as Kate Shaner, Nina Viggi, Julia Paxton, and Harry Schmidt.

At the end of the day, it is the Florida based team of Nic Muller and Ian MacDiarmid that have the lead with 4 points (a second place plus two firsts) followed by the So. California teams of Samuel Merson/Michael Sabourin and Max Brill/Andrew Person. Nicolas Muller/Ian MacDiarmid finished 2nd at the N.A. Championships while Max Brill/Andrew Person finished 3rd.

Tomorrow similar winds are forecast however the the race committee may shift the venue slightly in an effort to come out from under Angel Island - which was skewing the wind to favor the left side of the course. Four races are likely to be raced on Saturday and 3 on Sunday - bringing the total to the scheduled 10 races.

Day 2

As expected, the race committee shifted the venue slightly further south to create a course that offered a bit more wind and a better balance (left/right). The first three races were sailed in about 15 knots of breeze and perhaps a peak of low 20 knots in the final race. As was mentioned earlier, the real challenge was short chop created in the Olympic Circle area of the bay - some teams continued on with little or no challenge, some had a bit of difficulty, and a few were swimming too much. All in all, the racing was excellent.

Four races were completed, bringing the total to 7. Nic Muller/Ian MacDiarmid Max continue to hold the #1 spot with 11 points. Max Brill/Andrew Person sailed the best overall today, which raised them 3rd place to 2nd. Samuel Merson/Michael Sabourin had previously been in 2nd and are now in 4th - tied with the 3rd place team of Jacob Rosenberg/Rhodes Garner.

Tomorrow is the final day of the regatta. Three races are scheduled and it's likely that they will be held in the same location as today - meaning good breeze and the accompanying chop. There will be a bit of relief in that the day should finish before the wind builds to it's peak for the day

On Day 1 of the regatta, Nic Muller and Ian MacDiarmid (Florida) set a great pace - scoring a low point total of 4 points for the first three races of the series.

On Day 2, Max Brill and Andrew Person (California) had the best race results and (ignoring discards) established a 2 point advantage over Nic and Ian.

Today, Day 3, Jacob Rosenberg and Rhodes Garner (California) won the day with finishes of 1, 2, and 3. However that wasn't enough to get them any higher than 3rd overall in the rankings. That left the the race for the championship title almost exclusively between Nic & Ian and Max & Andrew. Between these two, it was Nic and Ian that accumulated the best overall race scores (before dicarding a score) for the entire regatta - a total of 26 points vs. 30 for Max and Andrew. Once the discard was applied, they were tied with 22 points! And it was Max and Andrew's first place score in Race 9 that broke that tie - leaving them with the title of US National Champions.

Congratulations to Max Brill (San Diego, CA) and Andrew Person (Newport Beach, CA) on winning the US National Championships.

Max and Andrew also won the Top Junior Team award. Julia Paxton and Nina Viggi won the top Female Team award.