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    Moore Fun On The Circle

    Crazy but a whole lot of fun.
    Moore Action at the leeward mark
    Moore Nats

    All images & Photo's © RYC Race Committee

    Gruntled Wins on Home Pond
    PRO Fred Paxton gave 18 Moores their money’s worth. After 3 days he got in eight terrific races. Still the make or break point came early. Day 1 A nasty little convergence hole on the last leg of the first race upset the pre-anointed order slightly. The winds from Berkeley and in from the Gate met about 100 yards from the finish. John Kernot who’s atop the season champeenship leaderboard got stuck in that stupid hole, so did just about everyone else.

    Except Pete Trachy and Vaughn Siefers who really, really banged opposing corners, came reaching in and ended up finishing within nanoseconds apart respectively. So what about Gruntled sailed by Bart Hackworth? -ninth. And Bill Erkelens, the man everyone was out to get, a very disappointing 12th in a no throwout series. (Ouch) That’s only race #1 then what happened? The long distance from Mid-circle around Angel and back. Gruntled held on to a narrow lead set at Blunt over Billy and had a surfing good time down the straits, back to the Circle & a bullet. Pete Trachy took a 4th and was looking mucho grande.

    Day two Pete got second to the Gruntlers as the winds built to merely rowdy. Billy 3rd. The fog came in, the weather mark at the visible edge and the entire fleet was licking their chops in anticipation. Turned out more fun but everyone wanted worse’n they got. Their sets, speedy boogie-ing in the waves wind jibes and floater drops were typically, excellent Moore as you’d expect. Bart & crew clinically won it. Last race Fred called a triangle sausage. Triangular reaches turn into parades unless you can’t jibe on demand. These guys ---a parade. Erkelens in spite of dipsy-doodling downwind on the sausage not once, not twice but thrice got the win just ahead of Gruntled. John Kernot’s Banditos with Dave Hodges aboard 3rd.

    Everyone got back to the yacht club for a late dinner. Day 3 Pickett’s Charge Day It’s hopeless but we still must attack. In sub-dude conditions Gruntled got some clever starts at the leeward end. Played clean, got lightning in the bottle finishes 1-3-1 and was ten points ahead of Bill Erkelens. For 3rd place

    John Kernot we’d have to count on both hands and most toes
    Tough racing against a very competitive crews and skippers who know their boat.

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