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Thread: Great White Feeding Frenzy At Alcatraz

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    No denying that was a whitey!

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    I suspect that happens more often than people want to think. Just not near crowded dock landings.

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    Who will get eaten 1st?

    A dog fetching a ball at Crissy?

    A swimmer at the Dolphin Club?

    A kiter struggling with a downed kite?

    A SUPper flailing at Fort Point?

    A surfer at Fort Point?

    Someone related to the Kardashians?

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    1) Swimmer at Dolphin Club

    2) Ft Point Surfer

    3) Kaitlyn's junk being trolled by the Bass Tub

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    Why no cats?

    You could put some cats on a plywood cut out shaped like a seal and drag it around Alcatraz.

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    I can think of a particular raccoon that could use a salt water immersion

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    Some meth heads who recently made the news could use the same.

    Sink or swim or become part of the food chain.

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    But don't we risk the local apex predators into becoming hooked on meth-heads?

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    I don't think the meth heads have enuf money for the Farallones trip

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