There is a noon meeting at Island Yacht Club today to discuss proposals with business's within the Alameda Marina, invitation only.

There is a general public meeting this evening at Island Yacht Club which is open to the public.

From what we can gather, the majority owner of the property lease will insist that the residential development is the only way to save the marina, which we are told is untrue.

The word in Alameda is the majority of the residents have grown tired of the nonstop land rush on the island and voted out most of the pro development officials in the last election.

The battle has just begun, let your voices be heard:

Island Yacht Club
Alameda Marina
1853 Clement Ave. Building 14
Alameda, CA 94501

Tel: 510-521-2980

City Of Alameda

Mayors Office: 510.747.4701

City Manager: 510.747.4700

Alameda Planning Board