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After a winter refit, Sodebo Ultim 'sharp and optimized was relaunched new drift, carrying foils and elevators to rise further above the water, the GV release system for safety

The primary objective of this busy year for Thomas Coville: The Transat
The year 2016 will be intense and again under the sign of solo sailing multihull which Thomas Coville is one of the few specialists.
After three months of work devoted to optimize the performance of the boat, Sodebo Ultim 'was relaunched this morning. For the Breton skipper and his crew, this period was to improve capital "again and again" solitary configuration of this trimaran of 30 meters.

In less than two months, May 2, the skipper of Sodebo Ultim 'will start from The Transat for a sprint over the North Atlantic between Plymouth and New York. This will be an opportunity for him to reconnect with this legendary race. The Transat is a major goal for Thomas. Second in the last edition in 2004, he does not hide his ambition and his pride in being declared in that race which belongs to the legendary events in the history of international racing wide. "The North Atlantic for a sailor, it's still impressive. As a child, I saw my father so happy when Eric Tabarly won in 1967. I was 8 years old, but I was very moved by his emotion. Today, I am part of history. "

Another season, another challenge. From October 15, Sodebo Ultim 'will be moored in Brest. Thomas Coville will then stand by for a fifth record attempt around the world solo with this dream that never leaves him: to become the fastest solo around the world race.

To improve performance, the technical team of Sodebo Ultim has exploited all its know-faires. Following the teachings of the Transat Jacques Vabre is a sharpened boat emerges from this winter refit, cut a sailboat for the biggest solo crossings of the oceans.

A review of some major developments of the giant trimaran with Thomas Coville, skipper of Sodebo Ultim '

With these new appendages Sodebo Ultim 'should be able to rise further above the water!

A new foil
"We kept the original foil Geronimo version that had not been improved by lack of time. Today, the profile of the new foil is much thinner and its weight was reduced by about 80 kg. So we won in hydrodynamics. Really typical for the world tour which runs largely downwind, the gain of this new trend should be substantial for The Transat. The crossing of the North Atlantic from east to west near the reserve effect and reaching. "

New rudders
"The rudders with carrying planes were built in the fall while I was at sea to take part in the Transat Jacques Vabre. They were introduced to our return to France in late November. Before winter starts, we analyzed their new implications for 15 days of navigation tests. The foils settings have also been improved: they are now curved inward (outward before). Such change of angle allows higher thrust to lift the boat over the water. The combination of these new foils with foils rudders will provide better empennage (such as for airplanes it is all fixed and mobile plans that ensures stability in pitch and trajectory). "

Can we say that the ship is flying?
"It's hard to say that we fly. There are times when the boat is carried by the foils and rear foils. It's really exhilarating to feel the boat become very light, speeding at breakneck speed. On this size boat (30m) and this power is phenomenal! It is as if you were passing the sound barrier.

Unique in the world autopilots
"This is the subject on which team Sodebo is pointed. The new driver is the very best! This is a product Sodebo and I am proud of the record. We put a lot of energy and work. But for now, we remain discreet about this strategic move. "

Who says safety and comfort, serenity also said to the marine
On these cars seas up to over 30 knots (55 km / h), marine safety is paramount, particularly in solitary, where navigation is very engaging. We must be able to react quickly in case of strong house or charging. The main driver of the boat being the mainsail, an automatic release system is live to ease the sheets and put Sodebo Ultim 'flat. The new bubbles installed on the cap and the new configuration of the living cell will facilitate the day before Thomas.

An automatic release system of the mainsail
"This is specific to solo sailing and it is more advanced than what we had before with a progressive or radical fashion. Equipped with a sensor inside the boat, the release is linked to the charging or a heel. Roughly 9 ° the central hull out of the water and we have scheduled the release of the mainsail at 15 °, where the boat is only on a float or a foil. This is an important safety feature. "

Each launch is a special time for Thomas. This is the award between the workshop team and the team of sailors technicians. Based in Lorient for this project, the trimaran will join today its port of La Trinité-sur-Mer.

Place the sport! The countdown is launched before the start of The Transat, on 2 May.
"It's always a very nice human moment. For a few days, few weeks, there is a mixture of impatience and stress. This is an incredible jubilation. After three months of work, we have focused our efforts on optimizing, enhancing and performance, we are expectantly, hoping that everything will work. There is so much going navigate and validate the work implemented "

The Transat, the one that matters most!
"I have a very strong memory of 2004, when I was in the fight against Michel Desjoyeaux. He crossed the line one hour before me. I loved this race because it pushed me to my limits. I was really blown me surprised and I was proud of the result. Since last December, that's my number one goal: I train to be on top, I think about every day. I am pleased to revive this legendary transatlantic. Sodebo Ultim is competitive and we go there to win. "

commando preparation
"The next five weeks will be intense before joining St Malo for The Transat prologue (April 23). In all, I should navigate the equivalent of four weeks non stop. The challenge will be to quickly resume my solitary brands. I have to make my qualification 1000 miles (1852 km) and can not wait to be alone at sea! With other Ultim 'Actual MACIF and we will do joint training in order to intensify our preparation. "

The Sodebo Ultim program 'in 2016
March 11: water fitness Sodebo Ultim '
April 23: The Transat Prologue to St Malo
April 24: Arrival in Plymouth
May 2: Departure from The Transat
From October 15: Stand by for the record attempt around the world solo

The Transat
Plymouth Departure - Arrival New York
3500 miles - or 6 482 km
Estimated time for trimarans Ultim: between 8-10 days

Past results for Thomas Coville born May 10, 1968, married, two children
7 world tours including 3 solo, 5 multihull and monohull 2.
7 records solo and 4 crew
9 Cape Horn passages
Over 15 transatlantic
And also :
Winner of the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-2012 (race around the world and monohull crewed)
Holder of the Jules Verne Trophy in 2010 and 1997 (round the world multihull record and crew)
Transat Jacques Vabre: 2nd in 2015 (double-handed)
Route du Rhum: 3rd in 2010 and 2006 (solo race)
The Transat: 2nd in 2004 (solo race)

Language sailor:
Downwind the wind is on the side, or behind the veils are open
At the close: you go up against the wind
In reaching: it is close to the unbridled, the wind is a little aside