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Thread: Big Daddy's Big Winds

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    Best day in the rain ever. Our tack line slipped through the clutch as we approached the finish line causing us to wipeout. Not nearly as entertaining or impressive as Heart of Gold's buckin bronco ride but still a wipeout. Like running a 10K race, getting 10 feet from the finish line and falling flat on your face. If the rest of the day wasn't so fun it would have been painful. Hard to complain though with so much great sailing the rest of the day. Wipeout starts around 2:30 in our video.

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    What a wild weekend!

    On Saturday we hoisted the main with a first reef and never shook it. We practiced with the #3 and decided the #4 was a better choice and I'm glad we did. We sailed the whole day with the reef and #4 including the downwind legs except for the last race where we put up the shy kite just so we could say we did and because Green Buffalo was threatening to catch us. Those crash videos are great, but crashing is slow. I think we saw max winds of 29 on Saturday with low to mid 20's the norm. It did not rain much during the races but the spray kept us plenty wet.

    We found a spot on the inside of the harbor to spend the night hoping for a little more shelter. Dinner in the tent was fine and the party, if you can call it that, was very lightly attended in the steamy tent. I think the DJ was packing up by 8:00 and so was the bar. The night on the boat was a bit noisy with dock lines and fenders squeaking, very gusty winds at times howling through the rigs and driving rain a few times over night. I never realized the boat had so many leaks!

    Sunday morning while we sat in the tent watching the rain another skipper and I debated just getting the boats home. Sail Flow and Predict Wind were both forecasting gusts to 40 during the race. Since we were all dressed up (in our already wet foulies) and had no place to go we decided to go to the start and see how it looked. At the start we saw mid to high teens and decided we should shake the reef. It rained all day which was fine, it rinsed the salt water from Saturday off the sails! At PHRF 114 we usually have lots of boats start in front of us so we can get some look at which way might be favored. That was not the case this time, I think the little guys had the sense to stay home. An Islander 36 might have been the first boat to start at PHRF 144. We chose clockwise and saw high teens for most of the leg to Alcatraz. There were only a few boats in front of us, the Islander 36, a couple of Wylie Wabbit's and a couple of Cal 40's. We had a good leg to the island until we got close and things really piped up in to the low 20's making me long for a reef, but we toughed it out and got around. Once they got their kites up the Wabbit's took off in a hurry. Azure (Cal 40 that beats us regularly) was right behind us at the island and hoisted about half way to angel with some difficulty. 20 knots on the beam was not kite weather for us so we just blast reached over to angel. We were planning on hoisting after the gybe but it stayed windy in the straits so we held off and I'm glad we did. Boats were crashing behind us on a regular basis. Once we got in to the relative lee of Angel Island and it looked like we might actually have a shot at making the top 10 for the first time we hoisted the kite. All went along fine until we got out of the lee of the island and it was white knuckle time for the rest of the leg. Geeze I wish we had put up the shy kite! We managed to finish without too much drama and were dropping the kite as we crossed the line. We looked back to see Kame on Golden Moon spin out behind us. Max wind we measured was 31 with a top boat speed of 9.5. Not too shabby for the old tuna!

    The weather truly sucked, but it was a fun weekend none the less. My pruned fingers are starting to return to normal and I might have most of the sails dried out by next weekend.

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    [QUOTE=Andy Newell;43561]What a wild weekend!

    Those crash videos are great, but crashing is slow.
    But on the bright side I discovered spinnakers make fantastic sea anchors. Turns out I have 3 excellent sea anchors on board I never even knew I had.

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    Broken stuff I also slow.

    And expensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmallCraftAdvisory View Post
    It was wet and windy today. Winds varied from 15 (when shadowed by Angel Island) to 26 near the finish. The rain never stopped. It was cold, but not too cold.

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    We went anti-clockwise, which wasn't the fastest way round. But we hit 15 knots with the kite up and nothing broke.

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    Fast is definitely fun.

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    Peace Out, ShanaCruz50 (Adrenalin, without the E)
    I think you are addicted to getting wet.

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    The ride back to the estuary was painful.

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