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Thread: 2016 Vallejo Race - Hauling

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    2016 Vallejo Race - Hauling

    Is the public launch ramp the best option to get a J70 on a trailer in Vallejo? Is there a 2 ton hoist somewhere nearby?

    Anyone with experience of launching/hoisting similar boats in Vallejo? We have a standard J70 trailer with tongue extension.


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    There's a hoist at VYC, we've used it for beercans for moore 24 = 2k lbs. Also Olson 29 = 3600 lbs. don't know what the crane max is.

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    Easiest way to deal with this is a delivery outboard, full tank of gas and a cooler full of beer.

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    You miss the party if you do that.

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    you had me wondering Fabio...i looked up stats for a J70 and it sez it weighs 1750 lbs. What's the other ton? Wine and cheese?

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    right, when you are away from home there's nothing like a metric ton of comfort food to make you feel like home... and we'll not miss the party either, the plan is to hoist sunday morning :-)

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    Seems to me if you add up all the time needed to get the trailer there, haul the boat, step the rig, trailer her home, restep the rig, wouldn't it just be easier to motor out at 0800 and head home with some breakfast aboard?

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    The delivery back on Saturday night two years ago was a frightful hate mission. There was one poor s.o.b. in a J70 being towed to Tiburon by the company RIB. It sucked in a J-111, I can't even imagine the suckage of his trip.

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    we tried a delivery back Sat night, was it 3-4 years ago?


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    Most folks I know of deliver back early Sunday morning. Typically calm, depending upon the tide.

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