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Thread: Deep Flight Opens Doors For Underwater Tourism

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    Deep Flight Opens Doors For Underwater Tourism

    Continuing to deliver on our vision of opening the oceans for adventure and exploration, DeepFlight will introduce our newest submarine at the Monaco Yacht Show. Super Falcon 3S adds a third cockpit, interior upgrades to enhance passenger comfort, and a second thruster to improve maneuverability. The sub will be classed by Lloyds Register and certified by the U.S. Coast Guard.

    Three air-conditioned cockpits allow two passengers to sit comfortably, observing underwater life, and experiencing the unique thrill of flying thru deep blue waters, while the pilot dives the Super Falcon 3S to depths of up to 400 feet (120 meters)!

    DeepFlight will also announce DeepFlight Adventures, piloted excursions in some of the world's most beautiful oceans and seas. Not everyone can own a submarine, but now everyone can take a dive in one! Imagine flying alongside large schools of fish, dolphins and whales; skimming above a reef or shipwreck; or diving nose-down along a sheer vertical ocean wall! DeepFlight Adventures will be available to adventure and resorts tourists around the world starting in 2017.
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    Cool! Now I can ride before I buy!

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