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Thread: Spin pole shipping?

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    Spin pole shipping?

    Anyone got a recommendation for a shipper for odd sizes--i.e. a 17" spin pole from socal to Berkeley?

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    Buddy system.

    Someone trailering back a boat is good.

    Truck rack good too.

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    Can they cut it in 6 foot lengths and resleeve it when it arrives?

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    There are some "organizations" south of us who have been using drone submarines to transport their products into the US. Have you thought about asking El Chapo if he can fit the pole onboard?

    Did the pumpkin eat the Sea Star spin pole? Our vang broke right at the starting line, I can now confirm the vang is a useful piece of equipment and not a marketing gimmick.

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    The I14 guys are bringing their boats back from LA this coming weekend. I think they will be in San Clemente? It's a 6 boat trailer I believe.

    Buy them a 6 pack and.....

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    17 inches is pretty short for a spin pole...

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    This vehicle will be returning from Los Angeles approximately 11/28. Happy to transport a pole.

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    thanks folks. Got it sorted.

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