Talk Time with Karl Robrock...

Finally got Karl on the line... He has a very bright outlook on things and has mixed emotions of what transpired.
1st of all, he emphasizes, despite being on the edge, that's what Moores do well and those that sail them thrive on.

They were sailing between really strong air on the outside on snotty seas on the inside when they got spanked. They rounded up with a poled out #3. Unable to recover from the roundup,

Karl was considering taking the pole down when the mast folded.
He still isn't sure why it folded like it did, but when it came down, the boat bore away, jibed, and the main part of mast tumbled to starboard and the seas pushed it aft.

1st reaction was to get off the damn Deckvest 5D jacket that inflated during the ordeal. He never went in the drink and is not sure why it did what it did. Coincidently the inflatable man overboard buoy inflated itself in its bag earlier in the day when they were broadsided by a rogue wave coming off the shore. He took the vest of down below and put on his harness so he cold get some work done. Unable to get a signal on cell phone, he looked for handheld, but was convinced it washed overboard. Put the phone (20% battery showing) on charger cord and plugged into laptop. Karl goes see if he can get his Iridium Go to work. It needs to go through the app on the cell phone, which, for some reason is now dead.

(Karl suspects saltwater on the usb connection shorted and drained the battery). He tries Gilles phone but it has no Iridium app. Damn.

Gilles is still in cockpit driving. The top of mast is 10 feet in the water, so he goes back on deck and pulls it up on the starboard side and lashes it down,
then goes back and tries the mounted VHF. He doesn't pull the DSC tab, as he isn't sure this is a real emergency. Nobody is hurt and they aren't sinking.
He does get a clear signal on the VHF and contacts USCG to let them know their whereabouts and conditions. The USCG takes over with the comms at
that point.

Meanwhile the USCG has directed Azure and Junkyard Dog in Snafu's direction. Coasties request he fire off parachute flare.
He does and boat in route get a bearing and head in his direction. Boat is making slow track toward Morro Bay and conditions are still crappy.
When Junkyard Dog get near they are requested to shine a spotlight. Karl brings spotlight on deck, but internal battery is weak and it barely illuminates.
Attempts to use headlamps, NOT bright enough to do any good. Brings out backup stern light which has a 2 mile range. Bingo!

Karl now does a loopy dance on deck while trying to hold on to lamp and to boat in the nasty conditions until Coasties arrive...

Coasties evaluate situation and at 1st suggest that they tow Snafu in, but after further assessment decide the Moore does not possess a large
enough anchor spot for their large towing hawser. The suggestion of having the two swim over to the 47' Motor Life Boat in those conditions
in the dark is less than appealing. They eventually decide to stand by till dawn and keep in contact with VHF during the night.

The rest was covered in the original story, except Karl and Gilles delima. The two are skilled sailors and felt in the situation they were in, they could have quite possibly made it to shore unassisted. They had started 27 nm from Morro Bay and were 15 nm out when they were airlifted. Karl note that the USCG have the final say in these cases and they are the experts, so following commands is the right thing to do.