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Thread: 2017 California Offshore Sail Week

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    Saturday 08:30 Update

    Grand Illusion did indeed motor to the finish yesterday, but no communication with RC for withdrawal.

    Invisible Hand crossed the finish line at approx 20:44 to claim 1st to finish mono not employing the diesel code zero...

    It would appear that Steve Campo's Hobie 33' Bazinga also motored to the finish

    Aszhuo would be second to finish somewhere around 22:11 followed by Joel Ronning's SC 70 Catapult this morning near 0700...

    It appears Deception finished under "Alt Power" .... A mini stampede of boats approaching in the finish now...
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    CORW done and history, over 550 miles of racing in some of the most extreme conditions our team has seen on the boat. New top boat speed of 21 knots, winds up to 40 knots tws, confused seas with steep 10+ ft waves. What a wild week of racing. So proud of our crew and the boat. No superstars on the dog, just a bunch of regular guys who have a strange idea of what fun is. Everyone worked together to get us to the finish line safely and even managed to be relatively competitive in the process with a couple 2nd place finishes along the way. Junkyard Dog held up incredibly well given the conditions with just one major equipment failure, a blown speaker. Anyone who's ever raced on the dog knows we never race without music Short video clip here:
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    Looks like the Dog has some bite!

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    All those yellows and reds came into fruition?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz Light Beer View Post
    All those yellows and reds came into fruition?
    Oh yeah, for sure! Turns out Big Sur hippies bleed very dark red all over the central coast waters.

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