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Thread: Joyon Sets New Sola Trans Atlantic Mark

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    Joyon Sets New Sola Trans Atlantic Mark

    Francis Joyon beats the North Atlantic Solo Record!

    The Navigator Francis Joyon finished his solo transatlantic voyage tonight at 03 hours, 37 minutes and 02 seconds (French time), 01 hours, 37 minutes and 2 seconds faster than his previous 2013 record, crossing the Cape Lizard's longitude, Which marks the arrival line of the North Atlantic crossing record from the Ambrose Lighthouse in New York.

    With A 5-day solitary race time, 2 hours, 7 minutes, he beats at the maxi-trimaran sport his own record of crossing the North Atlantic.

    Francis Joyon had, in June 2013, ordered the old trimaran trimaran, improved in 5 DAYS 2 Hours 56 minutes and 10 seconds time established by Thomas Coville (Sodebo). It thus improves its 49-minute record.

    Francis had left New York last Thursday (first solo sailing on board de sport) at 23 p.m. you, without preparation any, with only goal to beat the transatlantic liner Queen Mary 2, due Thursday Morning in Southampton.

    Previous Records:

    Singlehanded Outright:

    "Primagaz", Laurent Bourgnon FRA June 1994: 7d 2h 34m 42s

    "Idec" Francis Joyon FRA July 2005: 6d 4h 1m 37s

    "Sodebo" Thomas Coville FRA July 2008: 5d 19h 30m 40s

    "Idec" Francis Joyon FRA June 2013: 5d 2h 56m 10s
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    Francis wastes little time!

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    It took 8 days 11 hours and change to come over with a full crew.

    Only 5 days 2 hours and change to sail back alone.

    He might be onto something.

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