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Thread: Letting Go Is Hard To Do

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    Letting Go Is Hard To Do

    John Green of Cowes on the Island of Wight snapped this dandy.

    Anybody have a caption worthy of the image?
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    When the wind dies, we take turns pushing the boat over to make it more exciting for the rest of us.

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    "Oh c'mon guys! I was just kidding about leaving the dark n stormies in the car!"

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    Ever the meticulous , Randy could never be satisfied with the cleanliness of the hull and spare no effort to get that last spot!

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    In the early days of hiking, the understanding of leverage vs drag was not an exact science.......

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    Manfred could never stand his mother in law's liver pate and wafers and would always make himself scarce when she would reach in her bag and present them.

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    "thoise Huggo Bosse guyes made thisse looke so eazey....."
    sweepe the legg.....

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