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Thread: Big Boat Series 2017

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    Embracing technology!

    Hope it works out!

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    It would be fun to set the mark out in hover mode one evening, and wait for the culprits
    to show up with bolt cutters, then start driving it around in circles and let the clown posse
    chase it all over, then charge out in a rib and confront the bastards!

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    Whats the range, speed and battery life on those gizmo's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wetspot View Post
    Whats the range, speed and battery life on those gizmo's?
    We don't really know yet.

    It uses a cell signal so it can be operated anywhere with a signal. In reality you'd need to see the thing to drive it to it's destination otherwise you might run somebody over with it.

    It is supposed to be able to hold position in 20+ knots of wind but only about 3-4 knots of current. The guy who developed it is in the great lakes so current is much less of a thing. The battery life depends a lot on how hard it has to work. If it has to hold position in relatively calm water and breeze it is supposed to last all day. If it has to spin its prop as hard as it can just to stay in one place the battery may only last a few hours. A bigger battery is an option.

    The MSB is pretty new and we are learning as we go... The developer has used it many times for races in his area but I think this is the first time it has been released to other areas.

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    We need to find the surplus Americas cup buoys and get Larry or somebody to donate them...Wishful thinking, I admit.

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