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Thread: Bora's Amputation Incident Report Released

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    Bora's Amputation Incident Report Released

    World Sailing releases report on Gulari Incident and Injury

    World Sailing produced two injury reports this summer after high profile incidents while training and racing. One of those incidents occurred before the 2017 Nacra 17 World Championship where American helmsman Bora Gulari was thrown from his Nacra 17 in a pitch pole and had parts of three fingers amputated.

    Here is a copy of the World Sailing Investigation Report – Nacra 17 Incident August 2017 WSt

    Initial reports indicated he might have cut his fingers on the trailing edge of the foils, but the report concludes that such a mechanism was not possible during the incident, and concluded that it was the traveler wrapped around his hand that pinch and caused the amputation.

    In the big picture, World Sailing is progressing a comprehensive new safety initiative which should end up making for a safer sport for us all. The Nacra 17 class will include in our future NOR’s the safety rally point so that there is less confusion on where to pick up any injured sailors prior to racing beginning, as we know there is often a gap in this communication while teams come in early to train but the regatta support apparatus is not yet in place.

    The class is please to report that Bora is back on the water sailing as he continues to recover and rehabilitate following the injury.
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    Would never had expected the traveler, but it makes sense after seeing the stills in the report.

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    Still hurts to look at it!

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    I wonder what kind of coverage a member of the team carries for such an incident?

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