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Thread: An AC 75' Monohull It Is!

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    The New AC 75 Previewed

    36th AMERICA'S CUP ... monohull 36th AMERICA'S CUP IN ... MONOCOQUE
    François Chevalier and Jacques Taglang

    Roughly translated from HERE!

    In a few years, it was enough that the America's Cup to put his nose in the catamarans to become ill UFOs. The wings have replaced sails and unnecessary shells have flat bottoms, crew, disguised as helmeted robot, spends his time ensure the pressure in the hydraulic circuit ... The next Cup promises to revolutionize the monohulls. 75 feet or 22.86 meters long, is one meter longer than the Mini Maxi 72, but they are blocked by the IRC rating.


    If the outlines of these AC75 are known only in the coming weeks, the measurement rule will be finalized March 31, 2018, three months after the opening of registration Challengers and one year before the launching of the first AC75 two candidates.


    The festivities will begin with two "  America's Cup World Series Preliminary Events,  " (ACWSPE) in mid 2019, which will be played between challengers. On 1 February 2020 the contenders challenge will start their second and final AC75. So, with 3 ACWSPE in the year and a special race called "  America's Cup Christmas Race  " between the 10 and December 20, the show will be at the rendezvous. Finally, Prada Cup which replaces the Louis Vuitton Cup, will take place between January and February 2021, the America's Cup taking place the following month.

    To reduce costs, some elements could be imposed and built in series, we think of IMOCA, as a possible keel or mast. The yachts will be designed to be able to race in the small time as in the breeze. In the latter case, a force of wind limit should however be fixed.

    Already, Alinghi said imitated very interested in this, by the New York Yacht Club Bar and Land Rover. Others are preparing. Franck Cammas has announced its desire to continue, supported by one of his sponsors. Returning to the monocoque, the Coupe could try some owners of Maxi and reconnect with its history, rich in colorful personalities.

    A traditional wind blows between the Italians of the Circolo della Vela Sicilia, Challenger of Record, and Emirates Team New Zealand. The principle of nationality will be taxed, 2 or 3 of the 10-12 team members must be of the same nationality as the club they represent. The others will stay in the country club. This principle is also applied instead of the Hull Construction performed in the country of the club, with no particular requirement for the design team. And, to the delight of observers, it will be forbidden to hide the boats when placed in water.

    The AC75 is a leap into the future monohull, the side foils will be able to fly the units of a buoy to another. Be careful with sharpened knives during race games, appendix, sharp as a razor, will extend to 4 or 5 meters outside of the hull!

    The crew will not run out of business, between swing keel (if any), set the canvas, mast, saffron and foil to the wind, to reef in the breeze, the sails change . It may take a few mates to winches or bike to power the hydraulics, but it is certainly a return to the Archimedean sailing, in part at least!

    Little imagination exercise:
    AC75 monohull

    Launching: March 31, 2019
    Length: 22.86 m LOA: 75 '
    Flotation: 22.86 m LWL: 75 '
    Bau: 6 m Beam 19 '7' '(hull)
    Bau foils out: 15 m Beam with foils: 49 '4' '
    Draft: 5.50 m (when a pin is provided) Draft: 18 '(if keeled)
    Displacement: 7 t Displacement: 7 tons
    Air draft: 33 m Air draft: 108 '4' '
    Sail area upwind: 400 m˛ SA (windward): 4305 sq. ft.
    Sail area downwind: 750 m˛ SA (downwind): 8073 sq. ft.
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    You have to go with the keelboat, other wise it's a parade not a match race.

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    Bella Mente Quantum Racing (BMQR) is pleased to announce it has signed an exclusive agreement with Botin Partners Naval Architecture to design the yacht it will sail in the 36th America's Cup competition, which is scheduled to take place in Auckland, New Zealand, in early 2021. The syndicate will represent the New York Yacht Club, which has returned to the America's Cup arena after a 15-year absence.

    Botin Partners is one of the world's most reputable yacht design firms, with a unparalleled track record of success across many classes, particularly large monohulls. The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron announced just over a month ago that the next America's Cup will be sailed in the AC75 monohull.

    "Botin Partners has been the premiere monohull designer for the last decade," said BMQR CEO/Skipper Terry Hutchinson. "We have had a great relationship with the Botin design office through five TP52s, and it just feels like a natural fit."

    BMQR is the combination of two successful American keelboat programs, Hap Fauth's Bella Mente Maxi72 program and Doug DeVos' Quantum Racing team. Over the past decade, Quantum Racing has sailed Botin Partners' designs to five world championships in the TP52 class (above). Locking in the design team early allows BMQR the opportunity to begin development of its AC75.

    "Any good team needs to learn how to communicate and understand each other," said Hutchinson. "This takes time. The ability to start assembling this team now is critical as we have ground to make up against the established teams."

    Botin HeadshotMarcelino Botin, the founder and president of Botin Partners, has extensive experience in the America's Cup having been the principle designer for Emirates Team New Zealand from 2004 to 2011, including the 32nd America's Cup when ETNZ won the Louis Vuitton Cup and narrowly missed defeating Alinghi in the America's Cup match.

    "Our ambition is to win the America's Cup, and BMQR, with the New York Yacht Club as challenging club, has in our view the best chance to achieve this goal," said Botin (at right). "We have enjoyed a long relationship with many of the members of this team and feel very comfortable working with a group that has proven over the years to be extremely competitive."

    With just a rough outline of the rule currently available, Botin said his immediate focus is on finalizing his design team. The bulk of the design parameters for the AC75 monohull will be released at the end of November with the rule finalized by March 31, 2018. Botin is hopeful the defending Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, represented by Emirates Team New Zealand, creates an America's Cup class that balances performance with maneuverability.

    "One important factor is proximity," said Botin. "The boats need to have similar speeds and be capable of engaging in typical match-race maneuvers. A fast boat is desirable, but it should also be reactive at lower speeds. We would like to see upwind starts with all the pre-start strategy that goes with it. A light displacement monohull would be the perfect platform for these situations."

    Photo credits: Nico Martinez/, Courtesy of Quantum Sails
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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