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Thread: 2017 Mini Transat

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    Nice story.
    Thought he was just really slow.
    Now it seems tenacity is to blame!

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    Wonder if they will leave some rum at the dock for him?

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    Packing It Up In Martinque

    With all the celebrations winding down, the focus now shifts to packing up the fleet of minis
    and getting them back to Europe.

    It remains only the award ceremony of the second stage, next Tuesday, and the 2017 Mini-Transat La Boulangère will have lived. In rugby, we celebrate the third half, on the Mini-Transat we participate in the Surf, a last opportunity for all riders to enjoy the moments of life together. Because the Mini-Transat La Boulangère may be a solitary exercise, it is also a collective adventure.

    Initially, the change of course requested by the race management to avoid a risk of tropical storm north of the race area had not excited the riders. Many feared the number of extra miles and the most outspoken loners argued that such a course would inevitably create a race of "wooden horses" past the archipelago. In the end, many competitors were seduced by the passage between the islands, some even imagining to make it a future destination of travel. The Atlantic crossing, however, gave pride of place to road options even though lateral deviations were much lower than usual. There were shots to play and some were able to enjoy such Benoît Sineau (Cachaça II) in series or Camille Taque (Foxsea Lady) or Jörg Riechers (Lilienthal) who were able to be in the right timing compared to the scales of wind, in prototype.

    So the detour to Cape Verde: false or real good idea? Answer in 2019.

    Two winners, two philosophies
    The context was different and the way to lead a boat too. In prototype, Ian Lipinski ( quickly found himself without real competition, his direct opponents disabled by breaking one after the other. After the abandonment of Erwan Le Mené (torn off the transom), Arthur Léopold-Léger's stop at Mindelo (breaking of saffron) and the dismasting of Romain Bolzinger, Ian had only to manage his march ahead towards Martinique. It was not always easy for the leader forced to sail sometimes cutter nature by bridling his winning temperament.

    In series, Erwan Le Draoulec (Emile Henry) had a revenge to take on the first stage. Despite the shy start of Valentin Gautier (Shaman - Banque du Léman), the problems of Rémi Aubrun's driver (Alternative Sailing - Constructions du Belon), there were still many candidates for victory. It is besides Tanguy Bouroullec (Kerhis Cerfrance) which embouquait in head the channel between Santo Antao and Sao Vicente. But soon the youngest member of the fleet engaged the overdrive, sometimes sailing beyond the limits of the reasonable and digging an irremediable gap on his opponents who could not keep up. Tanguy Bouroullec lost his chances of podium in a too strong southern option which would make him lose the control of the head of race. Tom Dolan ( was scared by failing to sancir under spinnaker and logically raised his foot. Clarisse Crémer (TBS) was trying to resist, but Erwan Le Draoulec was a cut above.

    All winners
    But the Mini-Transat La Boulangère, it is also the course of all these anonymous, those who will not make their honey of the race offshore, and which nevertheless will have marked their footprint, in the same way as the others, this edition 2017. It is Stéphane Gresset (Uniflow Marine) who, released very disappointed of his first stage chose to live fully the adventure of the crossing of the Atlantic without being obnoxious on the classification and which, thanks to this philosophy of life, has found the pleasure of sailing. It was the VHF madmen who flooded the airwaves with their need to talk, to tell their lives such as Vianney Desvignes (French Stade Effidyn), Luc Giros (Law Firm Rivault Nineuil - Enedis) or even Andrea Pendibene (Pegaso Marina Militare) . It is the calm Olympian Elodie Pédron (Manu Poki and Biotechs) who, galley galley, has always kept his cool, impressing his competitors and comrades crossing. It is still Guillaume Combescure (Mini Oiri) or Charlotte Méry (Optigestion Women of Brittany) who have found the necessary resources to finish despite the absence of a pilot for more than a week sometimes.

    It is Marcel Schwager ( who can not find the words to express his happiness to have been of this adventure. Marcel will be revealed by his placid and offbeat humor during the evenings spent on the pontoon to welcome newcomers. Finally, Slobodan Velikic (Sisa 2) dumplings, victim of a way-point mistake to land on the Cape Verde Islands or Martin Callebaut (Extasea) forced to finish upwind to cross the finish line. . Errors of venial navigation taken with the smile that should be when we managed to cross the big duck pond. For all those who have arrived on the other side, the dream for which they have put in brackets often two years or more of their life ends. Gradually, the community of the Mini will dissolve in the departures to the metropolis, will remade provisionally on the occasion of the awards ceremony for a final baroud d'honneur. But whatever happens now, they answered the call: "Pass your Mini first. "

    Ah! And what is this? Dorel Nacou now just 40 nm to the finish!

    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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