2018 Sarasota Bay Multihull Regatta, Results

Eighteen boats did ten (10) races. Pictures are on Flickr.com.

Friday and Saturday pictures are separate galleries. Saturday had more sunshine.

Saturday Feb 24th pictures: Flickr.Link

Friday Feb 23rd pictures: Flickr.Link

F-31R Zoom, Sarasota Sailing Squadron, rounding the offset mark at the top of the course
IMG_9831_DxO on Flickr

Start, PHRF low, F-31's, F-28R, F-25C
IMG_0394_DxO on Flickr

Watching with a dog
IMG_0406_DxO on Flickr

F-27 v. C-28ac short rig (nice mainsheet)
IMG_0425_DxO on Flickr

C-28R Pathfinder
IMG_9634_DxO_4500 on Flickr

F-27 upwind
IMG_9858_DxO_4500 on Flickr