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Thread: Meet The Solo Female Entrant In 2018 Golden Globe Race

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    Meet The Solo Female Entrant In 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Meet 28 year old British Sailor Susie Goodall, the lone female and youngest entrant in the 2018 Golden Globe Race!

    23 Skippers have signed up for this 50th Anniversary edition of The Golden Globe Race, 1st run in 1968 with 9 chanllengers
    and just one finisher, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

    Sailing like it’s 1968
    In the world of ocean racing, money and sponsorship have created and continue to support spectacular professional ocean racing events.

    These elite skippers and modern day ocean gladiators are champions, the best of the best and rightly so who become pilots of amazing technology. But has something human been lost? The integrity fades for ordinary sailors watching as high tech wins ahead of the sailor. How can these ordinary sailors, inspired by the action, dream of ever participating? Often sailors lose that dream, knowing it is just for the few. The dream fades and does not happen.

    The Retro nature of the 1960’s rules and conditions of entry into the Golden Globe Race have opened a fresh new page. It has created great enthusiasm, comment and opinion in sailing circles around the world. They say this Retro style is the right idea at the right time and may well begin a movement toward RETRO SAILING. We hope it does. The plain idea of racing in simple strong boats, using no technology and combining the traditional seamanship skills of the sailor with his ingenuity, passion and determination to drive him across the finish line first, is both simple to understand and intensely satisfying. It is also a very affordable adventure and challenge for all! The dream is back!

    You sail refitted older proven production boats of a similar style, length and type, with no high tech anything allowed, no satellite gear and your costs are controlled. All entrants face the same challenges and more money will not necessarily help you to the podium. There is no rating system, so the person in the lead is winning and wow, you have a great production family boat and when you want to sell, you do not lose your shirt!

    As a RETRO Race, for the Golden Globe, generally speaking only equipment that was available to Robin Knox Johnston on Suhaili in 1968 may be used. That means NO GPS, Chart plotters, electronic wind instruments, electric autopilots, electronic log, iPhone, satellite phones, digital cameras, computers, cd players, pocket calculators electronic clocks and watches, water makers, carbon fibre, Kevlar, spectra etc… so it is back to film cameras, cassette tapes, sextants, wind up clocks, trailing logs and Dacron sails, wind vanes and typewriters.

    There is a place for all types of sailing races in the world and just maybe, RETRO sailing is the new kid on the block!

    Susie Goodall is an offshore and ocean sailing instructor who was introduced to the sport at the age of 3 and raced Laser dinghies until graduating as a sailing instructor at 18. In recent times, she has crewing on a 60ft sail training/expedition yacht between Scandinavia, Iceland and the Canary Islands. She says: “When I was young, all holidays were spent sailing and my weekends were taken up racing Lasers, before I started teaching sailing on the Isle of Wight. I’ve spent a few years working in the Superyacht industry before taking up sail training.”

    She has won sponsorship from worldwide courier DHL and bought the Rustler 36 Ariadne, in which she has just completed a double Atlantic solo crossing. The yacht has just arrived at Rustler Yachts in Falmouth for a complete refit in preparation for the GGR

    I needed to get to know my boat really well before a major refit for the race, so I decided to do a solo loop of the Atlantic in preparation for the yard period and the race. Starting in the U.K. and heading south across the Biscay, I stopped in Lisbon where I spent 2 months working on her before heading to Antigua via Lanzarote. After a month in Antigua fixing things I sailed to the Azores. From the Azores it’s on to Falmouth where my boat goes into a major refit to get ready for the race start in June 2018.

    The boat, A Rustler 36' Named Ariande has undergone a complete refit and was re-christened Starlight


    DHL Website
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    Looks like she has a pretty good program put together.

    Wishing her good luck!

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