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    Westpoint Marina

    I received an email announcing the Westpoint Regatta in June, which came with a request to fill out a petition claiming that the BCDC is trying to "shake-down" the marina by threatening to shut it down. Before I sign up for petitions I like to check out the other side of the argument, but there's nothing on the BCDC website. What's going on?

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    Sounds like BCDC is just doing what they were designed to do.

    Slow shit down.

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    I have a clue now.

    Need a nap after all that reading.

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    Looks to me like an uncompromising guy met an uncompromising bureaucrat and now a judge needs to hold a beauty contest to figure out which of two assholes is the biggest.

    If the judge is a pedant, he'll dig through mountains of paperwork and he-said, she-said testimony, then rule based on rules. If the judge is smart, he'll bang their heads together and tell them to sort out their trivial dick-measuring contest - likely by making it painful for the status quo on both sides. If they are both crying at the end, the judge did his job.

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    Pretty good summary there.

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    At least the lawyers are benefiting!

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