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    Caption Contest

    Best caption(s) gets an XL Pressure-Drop Tee...
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    Top: Bob's platinum vessel assist plan gets a workout

    Bottom: " Joe, hurry up, they are about to break out the Cheese Wiz and Ritz!"

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    T: "Amazing what these Americans throw away these days"

    B: "There is nobody aboard, I guess it's ours now"

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    Top: The boat hoist at Galveston is a bit crude

    Bottom: "Okay! We promise no more ass grabbing on the rail, can we come back on board now?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Photoboy View Post

    Best caption(s) gets an XL Pressure-Drop Tee...
    1) someone get that bug off of my windshield.

    2) seriously, you skimped on the kelp cutter?

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    Top: The tax man wastes no time collecting overdue property excises.

    Bottom: " You guys done screwing around with selfie sticks yet? "

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    Timely, that one is!

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    T= Once properly rinsed in holy water, the now christened Trimaran will have it's willy whacked and recite the 23rd psalm.

    B= guy in water "okay, I got the sheet cleaned up now, what's next"?

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    Both: Kelp check clear skip!
    Pointing like a traffic cop, footin like a track star.

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