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Thread: Gitana 17 Re-launched!!

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    One week after launch: speed 41.8 knots!!

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    From the video: ".......appendages = 50% of the work..."!

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    Gitana 17 news:
    Qualified and focused on the home straight - Gitana : Offshore racing stable created by Baron Benjamin de Rothschild

    EXCERPT 1-
    Before I set sail, I was really looking forward to it but inevitably I felt a little apprehensive, which is healthy I think! I hadn't sailed a multihull singlehanded for more than four years as my last experience was in the Route du Rhum 2014. With this new boat it's very different, but it's also more reassuring in terms of stability than the Multi70 Edmond de Rothschild (a 70-foot multihull from the MOD series). These maxi-multihulls are powerful and hence very physical, which requires a great deal of anticipation with regards managing the machine, though the size is really comforting. Gitana 17 is a very pleasant, seaworthy boat and you can feel that she's really geared up for offshore sailing so I quickly got my bearings and developed my automatic reflexes. It was the perfect course for a qualifier.”
    Excerpt 2-
    New appendages for late September
    The latest generation maxi-multihulls like Gitana 17 are, as we know, concentrates of technologies and innovations, which call for a series of fine-tuning that is as stringent as it is long. Every trip out on the water provides valuable lessons and the boat is constantly evolving from one session to the next. In this way, the shore crew is continually having to adapt itself to modify and repair the parts, which due to a lack of knowledge or experience at such operating speeds – around 40 knots! – have been undersized and so on.
    After a first year of sailing, the Gitana Team in collaboration with Guillaume Verdier's team of naval architects has been able to draw some conclusions from the numerous miles racked up and has literally gone back to the drawing board with certain appendages. For this reason, over the coming weeks, the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild will be equipped with a new set of rudders on the floats and central hull.

    Hmmm....I wonder if there is more to this story? Something that might explain the amazing lack of pictures, video and stories since the boat was relaunched? New rudders with a little over a month until the Route Du Rhum?!

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