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Thread: Single Handed Sailor Vs Ocean Tugboat

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    Single Handed Sailor Vs Ocean Tugboat

    Patrick Childress upload these photos and storyline about a single handed sailor who misjudged what he saw in the dark of the night.

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if you passed behind a tugboat, in the darkness of 2am, and smacked right into his tow line, 10 miles off the east coat of Africa? The single hander on this sailboat apparently did not recognize the towboat light combination, if in fact the tug was properly lit. But also, as what frequently happens, the lights on the barge being towed were so dim they could not be seen till it was too late. After sailing into the tow line the sailboat came to a sudden stop and was dismasted. The tug slowed but the barge continued on to cream the sailboat and continue the destruction. The sailboat owner is quite certain his boat, and he, survived only because it was an old sailboat boat which was solidly built in those days. From what I was told, the tugboat insurance company inspected the damage and is declining payment as they say the captains of both the tug and sailboat are at equal fault. Time to lawyer up?

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    Lucky to have survived that collision I would say.

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