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Thread: Macif relaunched with main foil on daggerboard

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    Macif relaunched with main foil on daggerboard

    Macif has become the 5th trimaran to adopt the basic Fire Arrow Foil System pioneered first on the Fire Arrow Test Model , then by Maserati, Gitana 17 and Banque Pop in that order. The basic system consists of uptip ama foils used in conjunction with a main foil on the daggerboard capable of downforce and a rudder T-foil or three. Guillaume Verdier designed the first two fullsize versions used on Maserati and Gitana 17.

    MACIF main foil/picture from Macif facebook
    Macif main foil 7-31-18.jpg

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    MACIF Relanches

    Six and a half months after starting work, the trimaran MACIF will be relaunched this Tuesday morning in Lorient. Deeply transformed into a performance objective, the 30 meter boat, with new appendages, joined in the wake of its home port of Port-la-Forêt where François Gabart and his team will now begin the preparation of the Route du Rum-Destination Guadeloupe. Relive in pictures the different stages of this launching.

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    Macif flying with Jimmy Spithill aboard:

    pix by Yann Riou:

    Macif flying-8-31-18.jpg

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