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Thread: 2018 BBS Official Thread

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    RIO's Wild Ride

    In Race 2 Day one of the Rolex Big Boat Series, the wind spike up pretty good at the weather mark

    RIO's spin tack line released just after the set with a large pop as she, Interlodge and Invisible Hand round the weather mark in tandem...Interlodge has to do a huge instant gybe to avoid collision, while RIO continues to get the beast tamed, IH tries to go over the mess but then get rounded up themselves before recovering... Meanwhile RIO Struggle for what must seem like an eternity to get the boat back under the kite, which they eventually do....

    Interview that occurred at dock later that day with Manouch coming up shortly!

    Thanks to Bill Sharp for getting us in position to get the action!

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    That will soil your britches!

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    Amazing that the rigs did not entangle and come tumbling down!

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    I would say they all dodged a bullet in that sequence!

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