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Thread: The Foiling 50's Are Coming To San Francisco

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    You can't make this shit up....

    Good grief....
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    Coutt's flunkys are a little behind the curve?

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    You should really work on that original content thing PB

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    Is Russell really that disconnected?

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    Just for that, I'm canceling my sailgp swag order.

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    Never heard of miss Bouan before.

    Is she a Kelly Girl insta staffer?

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    Seems like a lot of strife for nothing. Not like getting free passes to a nickel back show or anything.

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    I'm guessing the event will quickly go the way of the extreme 40 program, big early splash then drop off like rock when Ellison pushes the fleet out of the money nest.

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    "Sailing suffers from just way too much media coverage" said no one ever. Keep it a secret and the general public will want it more?

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    hhhmm...lets see if we can help....

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