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Thread: Peahi Windsurfing Magic

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    Peahi Windsurfing Magic

    The North Shore of Maui lit up this week, and the Jaws Surfing Event was befuddled by wind up to 30 knots
    blowing across faces of the monstrous waves thundering across the Peahi (aka JAWS) contest site.

    The North Shore Windsurfing crew were salivating as the waited for the contest to be called and when the whistle blew,
    they charged the waves like ants on a picnic. Simon Crowther was on the scene and scored some of the most awesome
    windsurfing imagery we have seen on a long, long time...

    Riders include:Levi Siver, Antoine Mtn, Jake Schettewi, Camille Jbn, Graham Ezzy, Kevin Pritchard

    Check out more of this epic day at Si's instagram site:
    and Si's other work at his website:

    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    No tow in required!

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    Magical stuff!

    Windsurfing, apparently, is not dead just yet!

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