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Thread: Going Dutch For The 6th

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    Going Dutch For The 6th

    Source: Emirates Team New Zealand - Emirates Team New Zealand and the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron are pleased to announce the acceptance of a sixth Challenger for the 36th America’s Cup, from The Netherlands.

    The joint Royal Netherlands Yacht Club Muiden and Royal Maas Yacht Club challenge comes from one of the world’s most famous maritime nations. They now join Luna Rossa (ITA), American Magic (USA), INEOS Team UK (UK), Malta Altus Challenge (MLT) and Stars & Stripes Team USA (USA).

    The latest challenge now brings the 36th America’s Cup presented by Prada line up to seven teams, the most since the 32nd America’s Cup in 2007 in Valencia.

    Emirates Team New Zealand said, “This is really positive news for the Auckland event in 2021.”

    “The reality is, the more teams that race in the Prada Cup Challenger Selection Series, the greater the spectacle on the water and the better the economic return off the water for Auckland and New Zealand. This has always been the overarching objective of Emirates Team New Zealand since we won the America’s Cup in 2017.”

    “We will be reaching out to Prada and the Challenger of Record to discuss further planning for the events in light of this exciting news. We are hoping and expect them to embrace this latest entry in line with the underlying philosophy of the America’s Cup being a friendly competition between foreign countries.”

    Today Emirates Team New Zealand have advised the Auckland Council and Government that if there ultimately are not six challengers, there is an option not to build the Hobson Wharf extension as five teams can be accommodated on Wynyard Point saving taxpayer money.
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    The Dutch Need Your Money

    The Netherlands has never participated in the America's Cup. Quite special for a country with so much knowledge and a rich nautical history. Simeon Tienpont dared to take the plunge and goes with DutchSail for the win! There is only one bump in the road. A bump that is approaching fast: The registration fee must be paid on 1 April. Tienpont therefore asks for your help.

    "It will be very exciting"

    The 38-foot test boat from Team American Magic. (c) Amory Ross / American Magic

    Tienpont: “We have to take a bump these days, and then everything starts to gain momentum, because the campaign is ready. But it is a difficult bump. April 1, registration fees must be paid, but of course that is behind the fact that we have to take on tough commitments in purchasing design and start building the boat. You can pay a registration fee, but if you were then unable to build the boat, you should not have registered. The bump is the amount that we have to undertake in terms of obligations. "

    We want to give that final boost with a large group of enthusiastic individuals. Yes, those individuals are going to make the difference.
    - Simeon Tienpont, DutchSail initiator

    Buy a certificate and make the difference

    How can you contribute to this? Tienpont explains: “Behind the scenes we are working feverishly to secure the financing of the entire campaign. With governments, in the maritime sector, with the knowledge and innovation partner, and with institutions, funds, founding fathers and with private individuals. All in all it looks great, but what we can now use well is that a large group of private individuals say: I am participating now. I sign up for DutchSail certificates! We want to give that final boost with a large group of enthusiastic private individuals. Yes, those individuals are going to make the difference. "

    Want to help?

    The certificates cost 100 euros per month for 24 months. So you pay a total of 2400 euros. That is a hefty sum, but it can mean that the Netherlands will soon participate in the battle for the oldest sports trophy in the world! And the risks? Tienpont: “We will only start collecting after 1 April, so after we have decided that the campaign can continue. Everyone can register, but there are actually no risks. ”Fortunately, you also get a lot back for your investment. Your name will soon appear on the Dutch AC75 , you will have access to the team base, you will receive exclusive merchandise and even more. You can read the details on the DutchSail site, via the link below:

    Click HERE to register.

    Support DutchSail

    I hereby support the Dutch campaign for the 36th America's Cup. The DutchSail Foundation issues certificates to support the financing of this campaign. The certificates will be issued on DutchSail BV shares which will be held by the foundation. The foundation acts as an administration office and thereby represents the interests of the certificate holders. In accordance with the Articles of Association of DutchSail BV, depositary receipt holders receive meeting rights and other rights that the Articles of Association of DutchSail BV grant them. Issuance of shares and depositary receipts will be accompanied by one of the notaries of Ploum Advocaten & Notarissen in Rotterdam.

    The certificates cost € 100 per month. These costs will be charged for 24 months from 1 April (the duration of the campaign). The number of certificates is limited to 1,000 pieces. There is no limit to the number of certificates per person or organization.

    The certificates give the right to"

    Access to the annual meeting of certificate holders

    Attribution on the Dutch AC75

    Special Merchandise

    Only for certificate holders or team members; not commercially available

    Access to Team Base

    Exclusive 2x a year reception with presentation / lecture


    Priority and discount on ACWS package in Scheveningen

    Access to DutchSail Community

    Own community with login

    Regular updates AC36

    Background information / interviews
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    4 Teams already working on testing their prototypes and your team is asking the public for donations?

    Not a good sign.

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