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Thread: Richmond Marina

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    Richmond Marina

    I'm mulling on moving my boat from the Alameda Rivierra to Richmond. Partly for a change of scenery, and partly because more of our races seem to be run on The Circle courses, and Richmond is more convenient. Also, I don't need to slog up to BayMarine or KKMI - I'd be right there. So is West Marine.

    The water in the inner harbor area looks pretty skinny on the charts - there's some 1' in the mouth of the harbor, although there looks to be a channel pressed up against the north wall. Would I have issues with a 6'6" draft?

    Secondly, it's a quicker trip to some events to go around the back of Brookes Island rather than along the channel. Is that "never done", "carefully done" or "pretty normal" procedure for my sized boat?

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    You can do it in an optimist, but might go aground.

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