Weather forecast from our router Jean-Yves Bernot:


The trade winds in the South Atlantic are fairly dependable and, at this time of year are fairly consistent at between 15-18 knots of wind from the east with a few squalls to spice things up a bit! Therefore during this relatively smooth route towards the south, the team is recuperating from the hard work of the north Atlantic.

While this is the current situation, going forward things will get a little more difficult.

The anticyclone around St Helena is being further aggravated by the remains of Thursday's cold front from the south, so Spindrift 2 will have to tiptoe through areas of weak and variable winds to avoid getting bogged down.

If they are successful and if by Saturday they can reach 40S to catch the first area of low pressure, then they will be in 30-35 knot west to north westerly winds, with albatrosses, big seas and everything that the south has to offer.