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Thread: Raising The Dead

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    Raising The Dead

    NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Pollution responders from Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound and Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection oversaw the removal of a 53-foot sailboat that sank in the Connecticut River near Old Lyme, Connecticut Feb. 20, 2019.

    A commercial salvage company used float bags and dewatering pumps to re-float the sailboat.

    During the salvage operation, no fuel was released into the Connecticut River. The sailboat was removed from the water for further examination.

    The sailboat originally sank Jan. 27, 2019. The cause of the sinking is still under investigation.

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    The Coast Guard reminds boaters that intend to leave your vessel in the water:

    - Conduct frequent vessel checks at least once a week, especially after snow storms.

    - Keep the batteries charged and make sure that bilge pumps are working.

    - Consider covering your vessel to help keep snow and ice off. At a minimum, remove heavy snow and ice buildup especially following a snowstorm.

    - Double up mooring lines; check lines often for signs of chafing.

    MORE Details

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    One wonders how it got there and was left to sink.

    Cant be a preferred spot winter a boat.


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