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Thread: 2019 Cabo Race: Margaritaville Or Bust

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    Looks like RIO pull the plug as well.

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    Monday Morning Update : 2019 The Year Of The Little Guy?

    With 256 nm to the finish, Cynthia Hyde's Beneteau First 44.7 Brown Eyed Girl is in a dead heat for line honors
    at this moment with Will Durant's Sparkman & Stephen Yawl Chubasco and Seth Hall's J-124 Marisol
    with just minutes separating on corrected, each making a respectable 5.8 knots VGM since start. If they can
    stay in pressure, they may be able to stave off the rush from behind of boats from ORR 4 and ORR 3 boats.

    Back up the track, Saturday's Starters of ORR 1 have found the race track quite sticky with dismal
    returns for time spent, 24 hour VMG of 3.5 knots for Tom Holthus's PAC52 Badpak, 2.1 knots for Jim Bailey's
    TP52 Destroyer, 2.3 knots for Lorenzo Berho's Kernan 70 Peligroso and 1.6 knots for Bob Lane's
    Andrew's 63 Medicine Man. Yesterday afternoon, Manouch Moshayedi's RIO 100 saw the writing on the wall
    and turned back, and arrived in San Diego around daybreak this morning

    Life in the sled fleet has also been tough. John Sangmeister's OEX is the current 24 hour leader with a 4.7 VGM
    over the past 24 hours, they took the outside route near Guadalupe Island along with David Happs's Mr Bill and were rewarded
    with better pressure than current division leader Roy Disney's Pyewacket, who along with Jim Yabsey's Taxi Dancer took the rhumbline rout overnight
    and got a case of the slows.

    ORR 3 has enjoyed the best over VMG of all divisions with no boats slower than 6.0 and a resounding 7.6 knot for
    Tom Barker's Swan 60FD Good Call, currently in 4th for line honors and 647 nm under their keel thus far.
    John Raymont's Andrews 40' Fast Exit is current division leader with just a 5 minute corrected advantage over
    Viggo Torbensen's J-125 Timeshaver.

    ORR 4 has become a 2 boat race between John Shulze's SC 50 Horizon and Dave MacEwen's
    SC52 Lucky Duck With just over 300nm to the finish and 39 minutes separating the two,
    keeping the boat speed up on a consistent basis and avoiding light patches will determine class winner.

    As mentioned before, the Thursday's Child's of ORR 5 are just 250 nm to Cabo and will
    need a lucky break to hold off the Friday Starters, keeping them in pressure while easing
    it up for the boats in ORR 4 & 3 in slightly less pressure for the final approach. The models
    are suggesting that this may indeed come to fruition. Stay tuned!
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    Is MM getting out of the sailing business?

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    Good Call gaining momentum!

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    Pretty good for a fully kitted production boat

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    Looks like a bunch of retirees in ORR1 & ORR2 now.
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    Never mind, 15 minutes later and they are all sailing again.

    Stupid tracker.
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    OEX and Badpak have pulled the plug!

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    Tuesday Update : Good Call Takes The Lead

    Overnight, Tom Barkers Swan 60 FD Good Call passed the 3 front runners from ORR 5 with authority
    and is now 9 miles in front with just 91 NM to the finish. The ORR5 Triple threat of Chubasco, Brown Eyed Girl
    and Marisol are currently all locked up with 100 nm to go and each doing 60 knots. Bob Pethick's Rogers 46' Bretwalda3
    is charging hard and taken over 5th for line honors...

    In the big picture, as of 0800 PDST, the fleet clearly has it's has and has nots, with Thursday and Friday starters
    all in good position for fiesta in Cabo this weekend while Saturday's fleets are struggling mightily.

    ORR1 has already seen RIO 100 toss in the towel, and after another slow night, Tom Holthus's PAC52 BadPak decided to end the bleeding
    and making way to port it appear in Tortuga Bay. Tom is enjoying using his ride for what it was intended, offshore and buoy racing, and will
    be competing in the Transpac in a couple months, with hopes to eclipse BadPak's 2017 run and take all the marble. With recent upheaval
    in the PAC52 Class, Tom's attitude remains consistent "I sail to have fun, and if we don't win it's not the end of the world" He said in recent interview.

    In the rest of the OOR1 Lorenzo Berho's Kernan 70' Peligroso has taken a commanding 65 nm lead over division 2nd place boat, Jim Bailey's TP52 Destroyer

    ORR2 has seen it 1st retirement, John Sangmeister's SC 70 OEX and is now a foursome. Roy Disney's Andrews 70 Pyewacket leads a very spread out fleet
    where no one really seems to have a grip on what the weather gods have in store for them next. David Clark's SC 70 Grand Illusion and Jim Yabsley's RP 70
    Taxi Dancer round out the top 3

    ORR3 has to be full of stoked sailors, as they seemed to have had the weather gods shining down upon them the majority of the race. The division leader, Viggo Torbensen's J-125
    Timeshaver has a 15 minute corrected advantage over John Raymont's Andrew 40 Fast Exit with Ivan Batanov's Soto 40 Zero Gravity in 3rd a few hours back, and the division's
    4th place boat is actually the Line Honors leader in the form of Tom Barker's Swan 60FD Good Call!

    With two 50' vs 52' duels working their way towards the final the stretch, all boats ORR4 have at least, something to fight for and can't imagine
    any one of them giving an inch until the horn blow and the Tecate flows. John Shulze's SC50 Horizon currently clutching a slightly lees than 2 hour
    corrected lead over Dave MacEwan's SC52 Horizon Both doing 7.1 knots with exactly 138 nm to finish....

    The 3 Boat Drag race between Will Durant's Sparkman & Stephens Chubasco, Cynthia Hyde's Beneteau First 44.7 Brown Eyed Girl and
    Seth Hall's J-124 Marisol has been one for the ages... All with 94 nm to paydirt and doing 6.0 knots!
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